Sunday, December 7, 2014

Intelligence Report

A Senate Intelligence Committee report will likely be released this week. According to sources, the Committee, chaired by Senator DIanna Feinstein, will say enhanced interrogation techniques failed and the CIA lied about the effectiveness in order to keep the program going.

This report is political only. There is no public good that can be had from this report. No republican on the commitee agrees with the report  and that alone should have been enough to end the report. Considering Benghazi, Gunwalking programs, NSA, IRS and the many other Obama administration programs that infringe on the rights of every American, democrats are disengenuous.

The three people that underwent EIT's were not American. They were the worst of the worst. They would never talk with being subjected to techniques that go above and beyond the normal interrogation techniques. Sleep deprivation and food deprivation would not work with these types of subjects. They were well-trained in dealing with those techniques. The report is said to claim the EIT's were not effective. I would say that is a fairy tale that is more ridiculous than Alice in Wonderland.

Further, this report could cause more unrest in the Middle East. Diplomatic efforts and Intelligence gathering with be compromised and the lives of CIA and US State Department personnel will be threatened. We will quite possibly be looking at more Benghazi-type attacks. John Kerry will be as likely as Hillary Clinton to improve security conditions at outposts and consulates across the Middle East and North Africa.

More Americans can and will likely die because of a fairy tale report that was being compiled and now being dangled in front of the media for two purposes, one - to distract us from something else and two - strictly for political purposes to punish the previous administration. I hope the next Republican administration will be as relentless in investigating and exposing scandals. Only I hope and know the scandals will be real.

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