Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Eric Garner Was a Victim of Something Larger than Police Brutality

I watched the video. And just as I did with the Michael Brown case, I read as much of the evidence as I could before making what I consider an informed opinion. The police were heavy-handed and over-reacted to a non-violent, unarmed individual.

In no way are the two cases related except the races of the victim and the police. Ferguson was a thug that had just commited strong arm robbery, battered the store owner and stole Swishers, all while under the influence of marijuana.

Michael Brown then went on to assualt the police officer - who at first did not even realize he was dealing with the robbery and assault suspect he heard about on the police radio.

Eric Garner's case is vastly different. He was selling cigarettes on the street. What caught the eye of the police to Mr. Garner is the fact that he was not paying taxes on the cigarettes. Mr. Garner is actually a victim of Big Government. He is a victim of the Democratic Agenda of tax and spend.

The government in California recently just shutdown a homeless camp. According to one resident, they had developed their own economy. This economy operated on a barter-like system, leaving the local, state and federal government out of the transactions - no taxation. The governments response is to bulldoze and force out the residents even though they would have no place to go or any provisions made for them. Because they were guilty of not being taxed.

Eric Garner, according to the democratic agenda of tax and spend, violated that agenda by buying cigarettes, presumably paying taxes on the purchase, and reselling them without collecting and remitting taxes on the sales.

I would be willing to bet the tax bill on Eric Garner and on the homeless camp in California wouldn't even be a full percent of Al Sharton's $4.3 Million in unpaid taxes.

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