Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Reagan vs. Obama

"America is like the shining city on a hill" Ronald Reagan

"In these difficult times, government isn't the solution to the problem. Government IS the problem." Ronald Reagan

Obama could take a few lessons from Reagan.

He likes to quote Reagan and he likes to try and compare himself to the Great Communicator. But let me tell you, Barak. You're no Ronald Reagan.

Reagan viewed America as the last great hope on earth. A land where we work hard and prosper.

Obama views America as the last opportunity to secure for himself a nice retirement. A land where those who work hard will be taxed and everyone else can freely obtain welfare. Soup kitchens are operating at maximum capacity. 401K's are being drained.

Reagan felt a strong military is the single best way to achieve peace.

Obama sees the military as only good to provide himself a golf course on the weekends. They're the ones that operate Air Force One and that's all he cares about. He sees their paychecks as bargaining chips and uses threatens to take them away if he doesn't get his way.

Reagan challenged Communism and Socialism. He never blinked when staring Gorbachev in the eye.

Obama embraces socialism. He is incrementally bringing it into America using Keynesian economics. His massive growths on the welfare and foodstamp rolls is pushing us evermore closer to the brink of socialism. He has already been endorsed by Communist Party USA. He embraces Red China, even celebrating the Chinese Communist Revolution and flying the Communist flag over the White House.

Reagan worked to shrink government, recognizing that the smaller the government, the larger the freedoms. He recognized that Government and Personal Freedoms do not co-exist.

Obama has reduced personal freedoms so much that there are many former Eastern European Soviet-bloc nations now considered more free than the United States. His overreaching health care overhaul is one of the single biggest killers of freedom and we haven't even seen the tip of the iceberg yet.

Reagan was proud to have passed on a legacy to our children of a nation built on freedom.

Obama is passing on to our children and grandchildren a debt burden so high that no one can see the end of the burden. Our nation is being propped up by Communist China. Obama refuses to really tackle China's artificially lower monetary value policy. Obama doesn't even understand what this means on the global scene and how it affects trade.

If he had spent a little less time as editor of Harvard Law Review and a little more time in Micro- and Macro-economics, he might understand things better.
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Join the Tea Party

We are not terrorists.
We are not racists.

We are Americans that care and are organizing, campaigning on issues and supporting Constitution supporting politicians.

We believe in America as a beacon of freedom.

We believe taxes should be fair and not oppressive.
The Federal tax system is the newest and most effective form of racism and prejudice.

Defend the ideals that made this country what is was when Ronald Reagan was President.

Join the Tea Party.
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Why are they so mad?

Normally, I would be upset at Harry Reid and Joe Biden for their disparaging remarks about the grass-roots political movement known as the Tea Party.

And though I'm not happy with it, I'm not angry.

The remarks by the two liberal socialist politburo simply shows that the Tea Party works, is strong and getting stronger and is effective.

Of course, Harry Reid hates us because for the first time in his political career, he literally had to fight for his life. He never won by such a small margin before.

As Tea Party members, we are used to the piling on since our birth. We've even gotten from some in the Republican Party. Liberal Republican John McCain even went so far as to call us 'hobits'.

How did we deserve this name-calling from the party that called for a kinder tone in wake of the senseless shootings in Arizona of Gabrielle Giffords and several staff members?

We won. We didn't get what we wanted in the debt deal but we denied Obama a clear cut victory. He is now under fire from some of his staunchest supporters in the far left liberal party.

Instead of denigrating a large section of average Americans, you would think that a president so worried about his reelection prospects would realize that we mean business and will not take overbearing taxes and watch our tax dollars get squandered on a socialist agenda.
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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Are We Better Off?

Unemployment is 9.2%. Three percentage points higher than when Obama took office.

The GDP is steadily declining yet the MSM refuses to acknowledge the reccession.

45 million Americans are on welfare. A number never before seen in our nation.

The government is spending more money every day and not getting new jobs for all that spending.

Taxes are being raised and new ones created to partially finance this Keynesian economic strategy of failure.

We have a health care system that is raising the costs of health care rather than lower it. The American people were forced into this without the CSPAN debates we were promised.

Are we better off since Obama took office?
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Recently, Obama and a few of his democrat minions have evoked Reagan in their battle to raise the debt ceiling and taxes.

They played a quote of Reagan when he was raising taxes. What they fail to say is this was a compromise bill that raised taxes but was also, ironically, supposed to cut spending.

The Democrats reneged on that deal. They got their tax increases but they failed to cut spending.

What they also refuse to tell you is Reagan was deeply offended and swore of 'making deals with the devil' ever again.

Obama has tried to co-opt the Reagan and Lincoln Presidencies. Obama's policies are more in line with Carter, Stalin and Hitler. Study up on Keynesian economics. Reagan was against anything remotely close to Keynesian economics.

Reagan preferred low unemployment and moderate tax tables to high unemployment, soup kitchens and welfare paid for by economy crushing high taxes.

The more I study the Reagan Presidency, the more I am embarrassed at how we've fallen into a slippery slope of economic despair, welfare, high taxes, no innovation, no employment, a health care system that punishes doctors and hospitals for caring for the sick.

I fear we have let Reagan down.
We have let our future generations down.
We have taken a wrong turn on our rendezvous with destiny.
We have taken our "city on the hill" and turned it into a ghetto full of panhandlers and hustlers.
We have grown our government bigger than the USSR's Kremlin.
We are not the last great hope on earth. We are the worst case scenario of Orson Welles' 1984.
Animal Farm is alive and well in Washington DC.

How can we realign ourselves with the Reagan Revolution?
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A Legacy Worth Repeating

I don't a lot of time on YouTube, but today I ran across some Reagan videos.

In this time of debt ceilings and government expansionists, I really long for a Reagan.

I miss his vision of America as the city on a hill. His idea of informed patriotism. His view that the larger a government gets, the more freedoms its people give up.

He refused to reduce America to a welfare state of soup kitchens and substandard living, he believed in an America that prospered and all of its people had jobs and an income and no burdensome taxes.

He knew that a strong America did not mean a larger government, but a strong people. A people that understood the rewards of hard work and no handouts.

Would Reagan look upon our nation today and be proud of what he sees? Would he like to see unemployment at 9.2%? Would he like to know that 45 million Americans are on welfare, a number larger than has ever been before? Would he like to see America's Debt/Income ratio at 5:1? Would he like to see taxes as burdensome as they are and the sitting President invoke his name while trying to raise them more? Would he like to see the old USSR come back to life in the form of the USA?

My wife summed up the current debt debate like this. Obama wants to us to back up a dumptruck full of money to the White House.

In the spirit of the Reagan Revolution, I call upon Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to say NO to raising the debt ceiling. Lower the debt ceiling, reduce spending and the size of government. Curb unrealistic regulation like the Food Safety bill and Dodd-Frank. Defund and repeal Obamacare.

Let us see the greatness of America once again.
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What Really Affects the Credit Ratings

All the hype coming out of President Obama's mouth about credit ratings and debt ceilings is enough to confuse even the most astute Washington watchdog.

Except for the TEA Party.

Several lesser known ratings agencies have already lowered America's AAA to AA+ based not on the current debate. But based on the high dent load.

There's more to credit ratings than paying your bills. Another major factor is the Debt/Income Ratio.

Most Americans can only carry one dollar of debt to every four dollars earned, therefore having a D/I of 1:4. America has 14.3 trillion of debt and only about 3 trillion of income. That puts America at nearly 5:1. To make that easier for liberals to understand, America has 5 trillion is debt and for every 1 trillion of income. Since most liberals don't earn enough to pay taxes, they don't care. And the ones that do, knows all the loopholes and usually reduces their tax burdens to about 1/3 what it should be.

If congress succeeds in raising the current debt ceiling and thereby adding more debt, it stands to reason that more ratings agencies will lower the national credit rating even further causing more widespread panic.

The TEA Party Republicans seem to be the only ones smart enough to understand this and stand solid on their grounds. If only Speaker Boehner could understand this concept.
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