Monday, December 15, 2014

Death and Taxes

In the latest tax battle, a life has been claimed.

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy became a celebrity of sorts when his battle with the federal government over a dubious tax debt went public. Supporters rallied around him and armed themselves.

Recently, Eric Garner, an unemployed man in New York City, sold cigarettes. He didn't pay taxes on the sales. The police moved in and attacked him. He died as a result. ''

Two Tax Battles, Two Very Different Results

The reason Mr. Garner died is due to a government that sees every transaction between two people as a source of revenue. The attack was brief and his life was endangered almost immediately. No one even had an opportunity to rally to his defense the way they did Cliven Bundy.

I wonder if the government will ever send armed, homocidal statist agents to Al Sharpton and threaten his very existence the way they did Mr Bundy and Mr Garner?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Jonathon Gruber was brought to task on his statements claiming the administration relied on the stupidity of the American voter and the illusion of transparency to pass the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

Gruber had also stated the architects took great pains to write this bill so it would appear no new taxes were included and to trick the independent Congressional Budget Office.

On a Supreme Court challenge concerning the individual mandate, the courts stated that the mandate is legal if the penalty was actually a tax. The administration consistently denied it was a tax. Ironically, the penalty is only assessed from your income tax rebate check.

Gruber shed light on how manipulative the administration was in actually writing the bill.

They misled the American people.

A new court challenge is now underway due to the fact that the courts ruling of the penalty as a tax issue. If the penalty is indeed a tax, then the bill should have originated in the House of Representatives. All bills with taxes and spending measures must originate in the House according to the Constitution. This bill originated in the Senate under the supervision of Harry Reid.

Considering the origination clause, it makes sense Obama touted it as a penalty only and not a tax. Being a Constitutional lecturer, he would, or at least should, know about the origination clause. 

The courts got it wrong the first time. We will see if they get it right this time.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Eric Garner Was a Victim of Something Larger than Police Brutality

I watched the video. And just as I did with the Michael Brown case, I read as much of the evidence as I could before making what I consider an informed opinion. The police were heavy-handed and over-reacted to a non-violent, unarmed individual.

In no way are the two cases related except the races of the victim and the police. Ferguson was a thug that had just commited strong arm robbery, battered the store owner and stole Swishers, all while under the influence of marijuana.

Michael Brown then went on to assualt the police officer - who at first did not even realize he was dealing with the robbery and assault suspect he heard about on the police radio.

Eric Garner's case is vastly different. He was selling cigarettes on the street. What caught the eye of the police to Mr. Garner is the fact that he was not paying taxes on the cigarettes. Mr. Garner is actually a victim of Big Government. He is a victim of the Democratic Agenda of tax and spend.

The government in California recently just shutdown a homeless camp. According to one resident, they had developed their own economy. This economy operated on a barter-like system, leaving the local, state and federal government out of the transactions - no taxation. The governments response is to bulldoze and force out the residents even though they would have no place to go or any provisions made for them. Because they were guilty of not being taxed.

Eric Garner, according to the democratic agenda of tax and spend, violated that agenda by buying cigarettes, presumably paying taxes on the purchase, and reselling them without collecting and remitting taxes on the sales.

I would be willing to bet the tax bill on Eric Garner and on the homeless camp in California wouldn't even be a full percent of Al Sharton's $4.3 Million in unpaid taxes.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Intelligence Report

A Senate Intelligence Committee report will likely be released this week. According to sources, the Committee, chaired by Senator DIanna Feinstein, will say enhanced interrogation techniques failed and the CIA lied about the effectiveness in order to keep the program going.

This report is political only. There is no public good that can be had from this report. No republican on the commitee agrees with the report  and that alone should have been enough to end the report. Considering Benghazi, Gunwalking programs, NSA, IRS and the many other Obama administration programs that infringe on the rights of every American, democrats are disengenuous.

The three people that underwent EIT's were not American. They were the worst of the worst. They would never talk with being subjected to techniques that go above and beyond the normal interrogation techniques. Sleep deprivation and food deprivation would not work with these types of subjects. They were well-trained in dealing with those techniques. The report is said to claim the EIT's were not effective. I would say that is a fairy tale that is more ridiculous than Alice in Wonderland.

Further, this report could cause more unrest in the Middle East. Diplomatic efforts and Intelligence gathering with be compromised and the lives of CIA and US State Department personnel will be threatened. We will quite possibly be looking at more Benghazi-type attacks. John Kerry will be as likely as Hillary Clinton to improve security conditions at outposts and consulates across the Middle East and North Africa.

More Americans can and will likely die because of a fairy tale report that was being compiled and now being dangled in front of the media for two purposes, one - to distract us from something else and two - strictly for political purposes to punish the previous administration. I hope the next Republican administration will be as relentless in investigating and exposing scandals. Only I hope and know the scandals will be real.