Thursday, October 28, 2010

Voter Fraud and Other Issues


Obama and company are interested in getting votes. They aren't really all that concerned where they get them from or how.

Early ballots have been pre-marked for certain underdog liberal candidates. SEIU members are contracted to maintain voter machines. Guess who benefits from the fraud...
Want to do your part and report voter fraud? Download the app from your smart-phones app depository called "voterfraud" and use it to report fraud in your area.


Obama goes on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He tries to convey his message in a serious atmosphere because, afterall, most liberals take the issues very seriously. The flaws? Jon Stewarts show is a comedy spoof and liberals are too busy listening to Lil Wayne and Lady Gaga to watch Obama on a real issues-oriented discussion program.

Jon, in his trademark style made Obama look like an imbecile and idiot. Obama lost control rather early and struggled to regain it and never really did. In a disrespectful liberal manner, Stewart at one point refers to the President as "Dude". I may not agree with Obama and even have some issues with his legitimacy as President. But in no way should the holder of the most esteemed office in the land be referred to as "Dude".


Sharon Angle is still ahead of Harry Reid and early voting does not dispute that. However, the margin is slim. It could be an upset not in our favor. Campaigners and bloggers need to keep getting the TEA Party backed candidates message out there.


Unbeknownst to most Americans, there are two black republican candidates running in toss up campaigns. One is in Colorado and the other in Florida. I encourage voters in these states and respective districts to study them. The mainstream media is not happy that there are two black republicans. So much so that tonight is the first I've heard of them. Giving them press coverage now would seriously undermine the democrats stranglehold on the black vote. Obama is counting on the black vote to re-elect him in two more years.

Don't let news of the projected republican sweep cause complacency. The liberal media is conspiring to make us dormant and sweep us out of the process even further. Keep blogging and campaigning. Too much depends on it. Let's send the democrats the message that no more government intrusion is best for us all. Let's send a similar message to the republicans that we are watching them and if they fail us, we will fire them and keep looking for candidates that will put the people's agenda first.

•Reduce Debt
•Reduce Income Taxes
•Reduce Government
•Reduce Health Care Reform
•Reduce All Socialistic Laws and Influence
•Grow Domestic Employment
•Grow the Economy
•Protect the Borders
•Protect Domestic Jobs

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Health Care Reform Kills More Americans than War.

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Voter Fraud and the Justice Dept.

Early voters in North Carolina and Nevada reports their ballots were either already marked or voting machines chose the democrat candidate for them when they attempted to vote republican.

Voter fraud is a serious issue. The left are unwilling to allow you to make your choice. They presume your ignorance in voting and they feel they know better so they will fix your 'mistake' and choose for you.

SEIU techs are responsible for maintaining voter machines in North Carolina. Obama has a long history with the SEIU.

Early voter ballots in Nevada were already marked for Harry Reid. Many voters are reporting their ballots were pre-marked and not for their candidate of choice.

SEIU leaders were caught on tape planning voter fraud and how to get away with it.

If they allowed the elections to proceed normally, they would lose and they can't have that happening. Especially since the President is a HUGE fan of the SEIU.

When will SEIU members ask why Andy Stern et al make tons more money than the vast majority of the employees they represent?

If our Justice Department was truly interested in Justice and not partisan ops, we could expect redress of grievances from the government on this voter fraud situation brewing in these battleground states. Attorney General Eric Holder has shown partisan politics are very important to him and he will do Obama's bidding to the bitter end.

Refer to the cases of voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party militants.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Islamic Double Standard

NPR is expressing concern and regret for firing Juan Williams during fundraising week. Juan Williams expressed his concern and apprehension he feels when he sees someone in Muslim garb on an airplane.

I, too, will admit that I am nervous when I see someone that adheres to a religion that sends their sons to die for there cause anywhere in public.

There are too many cell phone videos from middle eastern caves citing islam and getting backing from clerics within Islam after a terror attack for us to not be nervous.

Admittedly, I also feel a twinge of fear when I see someone that appears Muslim carrying a backpack.

When these cave dwelling brainwashed despots shout "Allah hu Akbar", it's no wonder Juan, myself and many millions of Americans often experience fear and apprehension when we see Muslims on planes, trains and packing bags.

Ironically, it's their purpose when they launch a terror attack to cause fear, panic and rash decision making.

When we seem to do just that, they cry foul.

They have no problem calling Christians, Jews and people of other religions and creeds infidels, but they can't fathom the dreadful idea that they are looked upon with a suspicious eye and rational Americans are concerned when seeing them in places of transportation or any other where a large number of otherwise distracted Americans are located.

Muslims, you have to understand why Christians and Jews are content with keeping a safe distance from you. Your terror attacks are designed to create…terror. When this happens, where do you get off trying to position yourself as a victim?!? How can you strap bombs to yourself and blow up innocent civilians and somehow feel you can leverage yourselves as misunderstood and discriminated against? It's funny how no Christians were involved in hijacking those planes and flying them into the World Trade Center buildings. I do not believe Christians or Jews are involved in strapping bombs and blowing up civilians in Israeli shopping centers. No Christians were involved in the attacks in Spain and Great Britain.

You guys really need to realize that the governments of the western world are not tied to religion. They are secular. In America, religion isn't a test to qualify or disqualify a candidate for public office. Get over yourselves. You choose to blow shit up with bombs strapped on your asses, then we will keep a suspicious eye on you.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The First Amendment and NPR

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

First Amendment to the United States Constitution

Juan Williams says when he flies and sees someone wearing Muslim garb, it makes him nervous. He said this on a Fox News program. Juan Williams worked for NPR as well. The federally subsidized NPR decides to violate the First Amendment and fires Mr Williams.

If the NPR CEO was offended, fine. But since Juan was on Fox and the program wasn't sponsored by NPR, I fail to see how they have the grounds to terminate him. The show isn't even rebroadcast on NPR and if NPR had listened to the entire statement, Juan was actually lamenting stereotyping.

NPR speaks out for First Amendment rights when it's convenient for them. NPR has engaged in Tea Party bashing and criticizing it. NPR, along with the US Attorneys Office only goes after violations it sees against liberal bloggers and protests. Conservative political movements and bloggers have been discriminated against for years and we need to exercise the last part of the First Amendment and petition the government for redress of grievances. We have sat idly by for far too long and allowed this administration to violate the First against us and prosecuted maliciously cases against us.

Fair application of the law does not exist.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dear President Reagan

I am a fan of your Presidency. Your brilliance has been proven by history(the real history, not the democrats revised one). The fall of communism in Russia was severely doubted even by some republicans, yet you were right.

You were also right about taxes. Lower taxes creates as environment where ingenuity is encouraged and productivity grows, therefore resulting in more revenue to the government.

I would like to say that most Americans have learned from your brilliance but sadly, I can't even say that republicans have learned. Of course, some have but I can't tell you how many have forgotten the principals from which you led.

Like limited government. I love the quite where you say,"In these times of crisis, government isn't the solution to the problem, government is the problem!" How right you are. You see, we now have a very intrusive government. They just passed a health care reform that puts us on a four year path to socialized healthcare. I am proud to say that the current Republican Party stood shoulder to shoulder against it. So you see, they have completely forgotten your principals.

Now, Mr. President, we have this thing called Cap and Trade. It's basically a way for people like Al Gore Jr and Maurice Strong to make money on a phenomena called Global Warming - the science of which is shaky at best. The UN has fallen head first into the scheme. Of course, if you knew who Maurice Strong was, you could see how that happens. He is a multibillionaire without a home country. He chooses to live in China mist of the time. China is still a communist country with a poor human rights record. Speaking of China, Barack Obama actually flew the Chinese flag over the White House and celebrated the communist revelation of Chairman Mao. If you were in office, we would be seeking ways to end communism from the rest of the world. Obama embraces it and is importing his own brand into the US.

President Reagan, how would you take it if I told you that congress is now full of communists that openly praise Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and mourn the end of communism in the old USSR? Well, Sir, sadly it's true. The majority of Obama's cabinet have ties and backgrounds steeped in communism.

Let me tell you something else you were right about. Welfare.

The US now had 40,000,000 food stamp recipients. That, President Reagan, is a record. Unemployment is at 9.6% and we have a major tax increase on the horizon. The national debt is out of this world. It's over $13,000,000,000,000 and this President added $2,300,000,000,000 since taking office. If he keeps going like he is, he will add well over $10,000,000,000,000 by the end of his current term. I don't want to even go into where that debt will be if he gets reelected.

In short, President Reagan, I miss you. I miss your firm but grandfatherly way of dealing with bullies that try and push us around. I miss being able to be proud to be an American and knowing that if I went abroad and some tin-hat terrorist messed with me, you would send in the SEALS or someone to rescue me and maybe even get a little revenge. Now, with this guy, Americans can't even go to some places IN AMERICA without being terrorized and killed by foreign terrorists and drug dealers. Falcon Lake Texas comes to mind and Arizona, too. There are actually places in America where American citizens are being warned not to go and yet the SEALS, Special Forces or any other counter-terrorism force are not being deployed there. Outrageous. You would have handled it differently. If you were still in office, these punks would be ghosted by now and Americans can hold their heads high knowing their government cares for them and will protect and defend them or in extreme cases, avenge them.

I hope and I pray that the Republican Party will find another candidate that will preside over the office the way you did. One that will show true conservatism and strength.

May God keep and bless you, President Reagan.

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Obama Stumps This Weekend - And He LIES!!!

Obama said this weekend that the GOP is benefiting from voter fear. He benefited from voter fear in 2008.

Then he went on the imply that Americans, when scared, are not wired to think rationally.

He is suggesting that people seeking to rein in his $2,300,000,000,000 addition to the already outrageous $13,000,000,000,000 national debt.

At the rate he is going, by 2012, the debt will be $23,000,000,000,000.

This is a conservative estimate and giving him the benefit of the doubt.

If more lies and misleading statements about Health Care Reform come out, this debt could go trillions more.

They our children and grandchildren will be paying this debt. If democrats keep doing what they've been doing, the sun will triple in size and swallow the earth by the time this debt is paid.

We must reign in this spending. Republicans haven't done as good as they should have. But they've done a lot better than Obama has. The only reason to get into debt is to fund a war.

The only things the federal government is supposed to do is provide for a common defense and the general welfare of the United States.

The best way to provide for the general welfare is to lower taxes and keep them low and stop the export of jobs overseas and keep Americans working.

Democrats and Republicans haven't done this part very well. The countries of India, China and Pakistan have benefitted well from our technological ingenuity and subsequent exportation of technological jobs. Yet the trade deficits with these nations continues to grow exponentially.

If Obama wants to be reelected, he needs to make giant leaps to the center. Hell, I would even suggest he become the first conservative democrat since Kennedy.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010


I am a voter and will vote for the party or politician that supports growth.

Except these:

• Unemployment - at 7% when Obama took office and now stands at 9.6% officially. Some have it at 10.6%.

• Food Stamp Recipients - Over 46.1 million Americans are now on Food Stamps - the highest since the food stamp program came to existence.

• National Debt - The National Debt is now over $13 Trillion dollars with an additional $1.3 Trillion just added this last year and $1 Trillion the year before. That's $2.3 Trillion since Obama took the wheel of the economic sedan.

• Taxes - Obama claims to have lowered taxes for 95% of Americans. This simply isn't true. When the Bush Tax Cuts expire in January, all the taxes Obama cut will be paid for and then some with the effective tax increases. What's worse is some of Americans lower earners will be hit the hardest.

This country is being bankrupted. The Washington elite are creating backroom deals and forcing an agenda that will further the financial decay in America like the Health Care Reform.

We were told it would lower health care costs but the GAO has since said it will add an additional 1 Trillion dollars a year the first year alone. With this current in Obama's Political River, he will add almost $10 trillion dollars to the federal debt by the time he leaves office in 2012. That figure can be over $20 trillion if he is reelected - God forbid.

What kind of growth will you vote for in 2010 and 2012?

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Future of Health Care under Obama

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The Republican Standard Bearer

Will the next Republican House and Senate know how to handle the tremendous responsibility of holding the majority?

They would if they would take a page from President Reagan's book.

The Next Republican Agenda

The GOP is poised to make gains in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.
According to the latest polls, Republicans have a great opportunity to repeat the 1994 Republican Revolution.

This can be a good thing if they get to the right agenda. This is what I think the Republican party needs to do if they take the majority.

• Immediately start removing the bad sections from the health care reform. It would be naive of us to think there were no need for reform. I, and most republican voters I know feel the current reform went way too far.

• Extension of the Bush Tax cuts.
• End TARP and all other pork bills under the guise of economic stimulus.
• Protect the borders. The Falcon Lake incident and all the US Citizens that have been murdered by illegals have necessitated sealing the borders. Al Qaeda could very well be sending operatives across the Mexican border as I type.
• Rebuild NASA. Using Russian space vehicles and none of our own has effectively outsourced our space exploration program to a country that has cut safety in the interest of cost savings. Our astronauts are in danger.
• Overhaul the tax code. The income tax, sales tax and property taxes are choking US Citizens. With all the taxes Americans are paying, there should not be a deficit. When the current director of the IRS can't understand the code and fails to pay his taxes, how can the average American be expected to understand the tax code and pay their taxes?
• Balance the Budget. With all the aforementioned taxes, there shouldn't a deficit. American families are expected to live within their means, why not the federal budget? Cut the useless and unconstitutional programs that are draining the taxpayers and get back to the business of providing for the common defense and general welfare of the states. Stop the specific welfare of folks that refuse to work.
• Support Obama's plan to end the tax credit that businesses get for using foreign labor and shipping jobs overseas. If Americans can't work, no matter how high taxes are, the federal budget will have less and less income and more and more outflow. This is an area where republicans have failed in the past. America should never make it easier for companies to make more money by not using American labor. Indian and Pakistani citizens do not pay taxes to the IRS.

President Reagan set the bar high. But it isn't unachievable. It just takes true conservatism. One that makes certain all Americans are equal in the eyes of the law. One that understands the constitution and gets us back to it.

This list is short and not complete. These are the things I see the Republican Party needs to get started on to ensure it conveys tongue American people that the Republicans can be trusted to function in the best interest of the country - not big business or special interests.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Obama "Don't take anything for granted."

How's this for irony. Barack Obama tells Delaware voters to not take anything for granted.

Now he tells democrat voters this. He refused to tell the liberal ideologues this when he ran on an alleged message of hope and change.

Voters were supposed to take his hope and change message for granted. Now, even among democrats, there is a mood of buyers remorse. Is it any wonder why?

He failed on so many campaign promises. Here's a short list just in case you needed to be reminded.

•Transparency - Obama promised the most transparent administration is history. He said the health care debates would broadcast on CSPAN. Didn't happen. Instead back-room dirty deals were the order of the day.

•Taxes - Obama claims to have lowered taxes. He hasn't. As a matter of fact, he is allowing one of the most effective tax cuts in history to expire effectively raising taxes. Especially on some of the lower earners. The only reason Obama wouldn't want to extend those tax cuts is because it would be the same as admitting Bush was right. He has spent two years blaming Bush for everything including his own lackluster performance.

Open Door - Obama, as an extension to his promise of transparency, promised media access at an unprecedented level. In fact, at every turn, Obama had excused the media from almost all events where he was giving speeches. The media had to rely on Spokesman Robert Gibbs for information. Gibbs has had the unique and unprecedented role as media gatekeeper where previous spokespersons were just that, spokespersons.

Political Cooperation - Obama campaigned that he would be a uniter, work in a bipartisan manner. What Obama meant was republicans would be expected to shift to the left if they wanted to be included. When most republicans refused to shift their ideology, Obama cut them completely out of the loop and Obama, Pelosi and Reid went on a mudslinging campaign against the republicans calling them then party of no.

Obama's policies and broken campaign promises have given birth to the grassroots political movement known as the TEA Party. The movement was able to resonate with most Americans and this has brought down the wrath of Pelosi and Obama.

They took time away from attacking republicans to attack the TEA Party as AstroTurf and plant media stories filled with largely unproven accusations of racism and carrying swastika flags.

This was a vain attempt to prevent minorities, especially Black and Jewish voters from aligning with the TEA Party.

This November 2 will determine just how successful they will be. TEA Party back candidates have done well in the primaries much to the chagrin of the democrat party and in some cases, the republican party.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Real Party of NO!

Democrats have accused the Republican party of being the party of "No"! How's this for a party of No.

•Personal Freedoms and choices, especially health care.
•Social Security reform
•Lower taxes
•Tolerance of Christians
•Tolerance of heterosexuals
•Defense of Marriage Act
•School choice vouchers.
•Transparency-even though it was a campaign promise.
•technology and techniques that may have plugged the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.
•Bipartisanship-not one single republican initiative was entertained, not one compromise was even considered in any of the bills Obama signed in the first half of his current administration.

If Obama, Pelosi and Reid are concerning themselves with attempting to paint the republicans as obstructionists, they should slow down and look within themselves.

They have denied the republicans a voice on health care reform, even ignoring their proposals which addressed most of the key issues the democrats claimed were most crucial.

They foolishly misunderstood the TEA Party movement. Using degrading language like tea baggers to describe them, they allowed the crucial swing voters to get away from them and found their voice with the TEA Party movement. Pelosi herself referred to them as AstroTurf and accused them of carrying swastikas. Some democrats have accused but failed to prove specific acts of racism. I feel this was to protect the democrats stranglehold on the black vote.

Many Black voters have found their voice with the TEA Party. This is in part due to Harry Reid's racist statements and other democrat senators and congressmen's past racist activities.

Black voters have taken a stand especially after Reid's remarks concerning Obama and his dialect - or lack of a dialect.

The real party of no, of obstruction and destruction is the Democrat Party.

From it's beginnings the democrats have fought to preserve the institution of slavery, even to the point of splitting this country in two and were willing to destroy this great nation even more.

Ground Zero Mosque

Bill O'Reilly graced the tv daytime talk show, "The View" with his presence today. The ground mosque became a hot topic. Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar challenged O'Reilly on a statistic showing 70% of Americans being against the mosque. Whoopi and Joy, in an act befitting of their immature and childish attitudes, decided to do the disrespectful act that a talk show co-host can do. They walked off the stage leaving the creator and part time host Barbara Walters stunned.
I am one of the seventy percent. Why? Whenever an Islamic force conquers a region they build a mosque as a trophy or symbol of their so-called victory. Denying them the mosque shows Americans do not believe Islam wins. It denies them their victory.

Allowing the construction is nothing less than the United States bowing to the Islamic terrorists and giving them the satisfaction of victory over us. The left is suddenly on the side of religion on this issue.

It is out of their character and actually quite surprising considering there anti-Christian attitude.

But then again, maybe that's why. Maybe the leftist liberals and democrats in this country share a common enemy in Christendom.

I refuse to capitulate to the religion of hate and murder. A religion started by one man known for child molestation and rape. A man known to smoke opium and live in a cave. A man, that if alive today, would be getting psychiatric treatment for severe psychoses and likely sharing the same cell block with Charles Manson.

America, we must unite and defend our sovereignty against Islamic terrorists. I will never in my life pay dhimmitude or servitude to these barbarians. I am shocked that only 70% are against the mosque. It should be 100%.
In 1992, Bill Clinton won the presidency. He embarked on a liberal agenda.
Fast forward two years and you have the midterm elections. The Republicans took control of both of the legislative branches. Bill Clinton read the writing on the wall and shifted more centrist.

In 2008, Barack Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) won the presidency by proclaiming America to be the greatest country, and now it's time for change. He campaigned on hope and change and the masses followed like sheep to the slaughter all the while not one supporter ever asked just what did Barry hope to change and then change to what.

2010 brings another set of midterm elections. Obama actually has the mentality to say that if Republicans win the house and senate, the American people will expect the republicans to get along with him and move left to accommodate his agenda.

Barack, if the republicans indeed take away your party's control of the legislative branch, it isn't because they want to see the republicans help you dismantle this country in a bipartisan way, it's because we want to see the republicans stand against your tyranny. Stand against the political persecution you have wrought on the Oath Keepers, stand against the health care reform that threatens to take our health care system to a standard less than a third world system, stand against your agenda of fundamentally changing America insomuch that the communist flag of China flew over the White House and celebrated the revolution of Chairman Mao.

Think again Obama.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Healthcare in America

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DogWalksMan Returns

I am back. The DogWalksMan Blog, after an extended hiatus has returned.

I am sorry for my unexpected and extended departure from the political blogging community but that is now over.

I finally found CellSpin for the iPhone and got it working and connected to all my blogs.

My return to blogosphere is precipitated by the first two years of the Obama administration. I decided that through it's excessive and incompetence, I must return and support my fellow conservative bloggers with exposing this incredibly lackadaisical administration and challenge on the front lines of the political landscape, right here at the grassroots of it all.

I hope my current subscribers will be pleased with the candor and yet the bold and fresh challenge to the status quo of ineptitude. I promise you. You won't be disappointed. Stay tuned.