Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Miss USA Pageant

The Miss USA Pageant has created quite a stir. When Perez Hilton asked Miss California a question concering gay marriage, she gave her opinion. Since then, Miss Prejean has been ridiculed and had her image defaced and called disgusting names by Hilton on the internet. Since when does Miss USA have to offer a politically correct answer? The point of the QnA is to judge how well they handle 'street' interviews. Her answer, in and of itself, should not be considered in her final judgement. How well she handled herself and articulated herself is what should be judged. A lawyer stated publicly that Miss Prejean should sue the Miss USA pageant for discrimination and I am in agreement. I rarely agree with any of the answers these folks have for their questions but I don't care about their political positions. I am curious as to how well they can articulate and whether they sound like they are professionals or amateurs.

Perez Hilton, you are a sad excuse for a human being. Just because you don't agree with her answer does not give you the right to slander her and deface her images. You seem to base your entire career(if that is what you call it) on being outspoken and scandalous. Why are you outspoken? Could it be you, as an American have that right guaranteed to you by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States? Does Miss Prejean not also have those same rights? I, for one, do not agree with gay marriage. You obviously do. You have that right. Just as I and all the rest of America have our rights to express and believe as we so choose. We do not have to agree on our ideas. But we have to respect each others rights to have them. It is a sad day in this country when someone expresses their beliefs. It is even more ironic that you opened the door for any possibility answers. If you didn't want the answer, why did you even ask the question? I support Miss Prejean, not because I agree with her answer, but because I believe that we all have a right to believe how we choose and express ourselves. Even you have that right. But that right does not extend to slander, libel and defacing her image. You could have disagreed with her without all of this non-sense. It is my sincere hope and desire that this scandal will finally be the one that ends your "career" on TV and we can finally be rid of you. Don't go away crying, just go away.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's Back to Basics

I am about to propose something that will likely incite anger, or at least incredulous stares as I walk down the street. The current recession may actually be good for the country.

The era before the Great Depression, individuals and businesses alike over-used and in some cases, abused credit thereby causing the depression. People were spending money on things that they really didn't need. This is also what led to the current financial crisis.

Economists cite risky, subprime loans as a major factor if not the cause of the current crisis. Real estate prices were sky rocketing, gas prices were also skyrocketing. Car prices have grown at a rate that far exceeded the average rate of inflation. The true value of real estate and automobiles did not warrant the excessive increases in the escalating asking prices.

Recent interviews with average Americans on Fox, CNN and other media outlets indicate people are rethinking their spending habits. Even people that are not expecting to lose their jobs are cutting back on frills. This is an excellent trend for the country. Getting back to the basics.

The All State Insurance commercial says it best. They opened their doors just as the depression was getting underway and through the 12 reccessions since, they learned one thing, after the fear subsides, it is back to the basics. We have overspent ourselves into major debt.

The burden of the economy has been on the backs of the individual consumer. Costs of goods and services rose exponentially and yet wages barely kept up with the average rate of inflation, making people think the only way to increase their purchasing power was to get credit cards.

Now it is back to the basics. People are buying clothes at the discount stores. They are cutting down on their dining out and realizing they do not need a brand new Lexus every year.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

TEA Parties, Anderson Cooper and CNN

Anderson Cooper, the same reporter who went to New Orleans after Katrina supposedly to stand up for the average American, has changed his course and abandoned the average Joe and reffered to TEA Partiers in a rather vulgar and course manner.

It seems he will only defend and cover stories that he 100% agrees with and one that will further his career, or sell a new book. Cooper, a CNN reporter and talking head for the CNN news show Anderson Cooper 360, covered the post-Katrina New Orleans and then later wrote a book about his experiences. It seems the TEA parties would not provide the right material for a new book so Cooper insinuated that TEA partiers were teabaggers and therefore, could not speak.

CNN has taken no action whatsoever on the matter. This, too is no surprise. CNN's departure from common sense reporting occured years ago when Fox News came on the scene. It is interesting to note that Fox News shows have gone up in the ratings and CNN shows have dropped significantly since the TEA Parties. Bill O'Reilly's "The O'Reilly Factor" held the attention of well over 3,000,000 viewers while the hight rated CNN show captured only 1,200,000.

CNN's departure from mainstream media status has been discussed by both the right and left of the political arena since Clinton was President.

Fox News, long the punching bag for the liberal left, has maintained a steady growth and boasts "Fair and Balanced" reporting. Fox News reported on the April 15th event in a neutral manner and CNN reported in a largely negative or derogatory manner, even without considering Anderson Cooper's remarks.

The surprise of these remarks from Mr Cooper is that he has a long and storied history for reporting in favor of gay rights. Why would he impune a gay act on grassroots, Patriotic Americans?

Me Cooper, you owe the American people an apology and you should either be fired or resign. You have impubed Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, Green Party and apolitical Americans. This wasn't a right wing, conservative protest. This was a grass-roots effort simply to protest excessive government spending. By the way, read the Constitution of the United States of America. Section 1-10 limits the size and role of the federal government. Don't stop there, read the entire document and the Amendments and Declaration of Independence while you are at it. Once you get read up on the founding documents, then you just may change your mind on the validity of the TEA parties and the role of the federal government.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Franken v Coleman, More on Cpt Phillips, American Soverienty in the Boardrooms

Franken vs Coleman

Al Franken succeeded in supressing lawfully cast votes. He succeeded in counting votes for him that were obviously cast for Coleman and he was also successful denying counting of votes from a demographic that likely would not vote for him.

Just in case you haven't been following the news, Al Franken, a Democrat and comedian ran a campaign against Norm Coleman, a Republican and incumbent for Senator. In the initial count, Norm Coleman was the declared winner.

But the Democrats and especially Al Franken, could not take losing so they file court challenges. After losing a few, they decided they still couldn't take justice served so they filed more challenges until they got what they wanted, a recount.

Due to the narrow margin of victory, a recount is required by law. But Coleman won that. Franken, being the sore loser he is, challenged the recount results and continued to do so until finally, many recounts later, he actually came out ahead.

When Coleman's attorneys saw the disqualified ballots, they were shocked to see ink smudges from the counting machine would be used to disqualify ballots for Coleman but not for Franken. Then, another recount, and in the middle, the rules were changed to obviously favor Franken.

Yet another court filing from Coleman went largely ignored and valid issues were dismissed because it would actually put all the chess pieces on the same field.

Franken, being the sly and slick politburo he is, won the court ruling so the decks were stacked against Coleman. Now, Franken is declared the winner again with ballots left sealed and uncounted. If the situation were such that one single ballot were left sealed and a Republican was declared the winner, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be leading marches in the street and taking the case to the United States Supreme Court.

I believe this is an issue for Minnesota. But if the Minnesota courts can not issue a ruling that makes somewhat decent sense, then Norm Coleman should be able to take $the case to the US Supreme Court.

When Bush filed a challenge against Gore, the dems went NUTS. But Franken can file handfuls of briefs, court challenges and get the rules changed midstream all to no recourse from the court of public opinion.

Since Franken v Coleman concerns a Senate office at the federal level, I see no reason why Coleman can't involve the USSC.

Capt. Richard Phillips More details have been released concerning the rescue of Capt Richard Phillips, the Maersk Alabama captain that surrendered himself as a hostage to protect the rest of his crew. Three seperate snipers in a coordinated effort, shot the three remaining pirates. The fourth had already boarded the USS Bainbridge seeking medical assistance for the knife wound to the hand and to negotiate. When the three remaining pirates were killed, the wounded pirate was then arrested. A pirate with a big mouth declared that the aggression perpetrated by the US will change how they treat the next hostage. The French were not left out of the equation.

With this threat issued, Obama, you must take it seriously. You seem to be doing better than I anticipated and if you want to be seen as a strong leader of the free world, then you should go on the offensive against these tin-hat tyrrants. The time for negotiating with them is when they are so tired of their rank and file getting slaughtered that they come to the peace table without pre-condition. If we deal decisively and quickly, then we will remain respected in the world. Once we get you back on the path of true liberty and away from socialism, then we will have you set on both the domestic and foriegn policies.

Obama and the International Board of Regulators First reports from the G20 summit tells us Obama wants to allow an international board regulate American businesses. The quote was a bit obscure with this interpretation so there is some hope that this is not the case.

Obama, I want to go on the record as saying this is an affront to American soverienty and you should give serious reconsideration to this if it is indeed true. This will set a dangerous precedence and will undermine capitalism. Europe, after winning WWII, has been steadily going the way of socialism and will not provide fair and equal rules for US corporations. The trade deficit with Europe, China, Mexico and many more of our trading partners is already outrageous and until it is addressed, our economy will never fully recover.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


The Somali Pirate Situation
(Update: According to an unnamed US Official and the BBC, Captain Richard Phillips has been rescued. Three pirates were killed and a fourth was taken into custody. Capt Phillips is aboard the USS Bainbridge. Family members say they have had this news for hours, and further details would have to come from Virginia where the Maersk Alabama claims its home port.)
The Somali pirate saga has been long in waiting to include the United States. The issue of the pirates has been ongoing. The US never really tackled the issue due to the fact that a US flagged ship waqs never threatened. Now a US citizen is being held. Some would ask why the US never dealt with it before now. The criticism would be loud and booming. People would have constantly held that since no US ship or citizen was threatened, we have no right to get involved. Now we have that right. Now it is up to Barak Obama to handle this situation decisively or to make his first major international blunder.

I am surprised that I would even be saying this, but I am supportive and even happy at the way the French dealt with their pirate-held hostages. French Special Forces dealt with them decisively. Sadly, one hostage was lost in the rescue attempt. The fact that the French have the intestinal fortitude to allow their military to deal with a military issue and the US decides to put the FBI on the case and treat it like a criminal case is an embarrasment and an affront to American Power. Our Special Forces have the technical knowledge, the skills, the training and the willingness to end this debacle and still bring the captain home - alive.

Take the handcuffs off our servicemen, Obama. Stop cutting military spending. You are making us a laughing stock to the world. The Somali's aren't even a real people. Their nation is a rag-tag hodge-podge of wannabe terrorists. They have no real economy and not because the rest of the world failed them, but because they failed the rest of the world. You are allowing a nation with no real navy, a tattered army and no air force to speak of hold you hostage. They have little motor boats and a few RPG's and you are allowing them to hold the entire United States Navy at bay. Our Navy came back from Pearl Harbor and was heroic and victorious in the Pacific. This is the same Navy that has not failed in a single mission since WWII. And you are letting these illiterate, uneducated, untrained and unskilled thugs hold our mighty Naval force at bay. This is a national shame.

The Obama Stimulus Plan
Just heard it on the news today, Banks are not out of the woods. They are still needing more money to pay for the risky loans they themselves created in a bid to satisfy their insatiable greed. Now they are looking for private sector investments. Isn't this the same group that lost billions on them at the start of this recession? You can bet this, they may have my tax dollars due to the stewards lack of stewardship, but they won't get the money out of my pocket. Just because the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Dept. are falling for their rhetoric does not mean I have to.

Tax Day Tea Party
Liberals and lefties are now on a media blitz trying to cast the partiotic Tax Day Tea Party as a conservative bid to remain legitimate in a post election America. Yes, the democrats control the White House, Senate and Congress but the Clinton years will tell you this does not ever remain. They are getting cocky and arrogant. When either political party does that, they get a wake-up call from hell. America, we do not have to take this. This is not a Conservative or Liberal effort. This is a grass-roots effort from all walks of life, regardless of political affiliation. The reason for the tea party is to peacefully protest reckless spending of our tax dollars. The Republicans and Democrats both have shown little responsibilty when it comes to this. This is not an effort from one political party over another. It is actually a bi-partisan or even non-partisan effort. Fox News' Sean Hannity and other news heads interveiwed many on the left-of-center that are participating and even speaking at Tea Parties across the United States.

On a lighter note...
I hope and pray you all have a Happy and Safe Easter. My thoughts and prayers are with the Maersk Alabama captain currently being held hostage by Somali pirates and his family. Remember, Easter has nothing to do with a rabbit delivering colored eggs. Happy Passover, Happy Easter...

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Economy, Transparency and Gun Control

Banks are getting ready for something called a stress test. The Treasury Dept has asked banks to keep mum on the results. There's that transparency Obama talked about on the campaign trail.

Obama said today that there are signs pointing toward the positive on the economy. Cautioning that there is still more work to do, Barak Obama is refering to improved unemployment figures and and trade numbers. In this sensitive and excessively over-reactive market, Obama is keeping is not offering much in the way of details on the next steps the administration intends to make next. He refuses to declare the reccession has bottomed out. Barney Frank and his ilk have no reservations blaming this economy on George Bush. Bush is out of office. Barney Frank, when will your slobber-talking maniacal mouth get a clue and decide that for the good of the country, you will start taking responsibility for your own actions?

In an Op-Ed, Timothy Egan has decided to use the recent spate of violence to attack the 2nd Amendment. The New York Times peice discusses nursing homes, schools and just about anywhere a police officer stands as the "killing grounds" making one wonder if he is trying to equate this with "The Killing Feilds", the chronicles of the Cambodian turmoil of the late 70's where millions of Cambodians were slaughtered. Although this violence is alarming, comparing it to the Khmer Rouge campaign of mass murder is a bit psychotic. The Clinton Era gun bans did not work. Gun crimes in Washington DC, Los Angeles and other high crime cities either held the same or increased. Fact is, the guns banned were not the typical weapons of choice for tin-hat criminals. Timothy Egan, a personal note from me to you, The 2nd Amendment says in it self, that it shall not be infringed. The Founding Fathers knew of the importance of the 2nd. You readily write your Op-Ed under the guise of the 1st Amendment. Do you ever wonder why the 2nd Amendment follows the 1st? Do you think it is simply coincidence? I think not. I think the Founders knew the only way the First Amendment would protected is to immediately follow it up with the Second. You have the right to say anything you want to say because people like me own guns and are willing to do whatever it takes to defend the First and all the other Amendments. On that note, glad you wrote your peice. Everytime you gun-controlists spew your uneducated and unresearched diatribes, it makes people think and now we have a 30% increase in ammunitions sales and gun sales are also up. Not bad in a reccession. Maybe we are in one due to people buying guns and bullets instead of plasma tv's. Obama would rather gun buyers spend their money on electric cars rather than SKS's. The best way, Obama, to prevent such a run on guns is to STOP TRYING TO BAN THEM!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Abortion vs 2nd Amendment

The debate on abortion will likely never end. The debate on gun control also is doomed to eternal dialogue.
My major question for the liberals on both issues is this, Why would you fund, with my tax dollars, the killing of innocent, unborn babies, yet you would flagrantly violate my 2nd Amendment rights, which written directly into the amendment says it shall not be infringed? Why would you spend millions or even billions opposing the death penalty for people who were not only aborted, but has proven to society that they are not fit to live amongst it? Did the unborn baby profess to be a conservative? Did the homocidal maniac not kill your family member so therefore they must continue to live? How do you justify this? How can you justify killing an innocent, yet-to-be-born baby and in the same breath defend a child killer? I can not rectify this in my mind. True, as a civil society, we need to go above and beyond to prove the guilt of the condemned before carrying out such a harsh and irreversible punishment. But once all options are exhausted and there is still no shred of evidence that proves their innocence or even creates a hint of doubt of their guilt, they should be dealt with according to the laws of our nation. I just can't come to grips with the wholesale slaughter of innocent and guiltless lives being murdered. I can not, for the life of me, understand how you liberals can defend abortion, support abortion and even violently advocate it and yet put that same zeal and effort to sparing the life of a societal ingrate.

A Proposal I will offer this proposal. If the liberals stop abortion and protecting society's condemned, I will gladly hand over my 2nd Amendment rights. I will send you all my guns, including the collectors items that no longer fire. I will gladly stop hunting if you will stop killing innocent babies. I will even go so far as to say I will also stop supporting capital punishment if you will stop killing babies. I will advocate a penal island or some other form of penal punishment in its stead. But you must give up abortion, wholly and completely without any hint of trying to get it back in the near or distant future. You can have my guns and you can have the serial killers and child killers if I can have the abortion issue. Even in cases of rape or incest. No more baby killing and no more capital punishment. I will give you two for your one. What do you say?!?!?!?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Healthcare Provider Rights

More talk in the Obama Admin about removing the conscience clause. The clause, which allows healthcare workers to not participate in providing services to which they are morally opposed.

There is no reason for Obama to do this other than to create a new class of criminals- Doctors and Nurses.

With services readily available at clinics where healthcare workers are screened and not hired if they have certain objections, why would Obama pick on healthcare workers in every facility?

Services covered under the clause are:
1. Abortion
2. Contraceptive Services
3. Vaccinations
4. Blood Transfusions
5. Family Planning Services

Attacking providers is a dangerous precedence and seems to be another step toward a socialist state. With all the steps in the Economic debacle, this is yet another step in another arena. America, I implore you, write Obama and your Senators and Congressmen and oppose this move. Visit and enter your zip code and you will be provided a list of all your federal and state level representatives, including the president and vice-president.

Again, you do not have to be involved in the Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice Debate. Planned Parenthood and other organizations are providing these services. This is an issue of providers rights to not be forced to provide services they are morally against. I would never force a Cardiologist to perform a colonoscopy. Why force ALL providers to provide family planning and abortion services?

Tax Day Tea Party

America, I must say, with all the taxes and the excessive spending, we need to act. We need to act at the grassroots level. There is a well organized plan that you can get in on. It is a modern day version of the Boston Tea Party. The current plans call for a Tax Day Tea Party. Sean Hannity and Joe the Plumber are going to the one in South Carolina. Meet these patriotic individuals. You do not have to agree with them, but you gotta rest in the comfort that these individuals have questioned policies. Good for you. Check the facebook tea party profile for more information. Everyone, Democrats, Republicans and Centrists alike should take part. This isn't a partisan grass roots effort. This is a literal grass roots effort to challenge the status quo, to question the policies of all political parties and question whether they are actually good for America.

Current Events 4-8-2009

Obama vs. God
Barack Obama has a God Complex. He thinks he can slow or end global warming by introducing pollutants into the upper atmosphere. America, he intends to introduce pollutants into the upper atmosphere. Imagine that. The intention is to reduce the suns rays. We need the suns rays. Tree and plants need them for photosynthesis. Humans need them. Animals of every kind needs them. God gave them to use for a reason. Now Obama, thinking he knows better than the Almighty, has decided God was wrong and will reduce them. What the hell is going on here.

Barney Frank gets taken to School
Rep. Barney Frank(D) Mass. gets taken to school. While speaking at the Kennedy School of Politics, Rep Frank gets to the QnA and a student asked him if he would take responsibility for his role in the current economic crisis. Remeber America, Rep Frank has been the chairman of the House Finance Committee for the last several years of the Bush Admin. When originally posed the question, Frank went into a one-sided diatribe against the Bush Admin and just about anyone or anything else he could to take the blame except for himself. The student then called him on it and reposed the question to which Frank tore into the student. How dare the student ask an oft-elected Congressman if he would take responsibility for his own actions. God forbid.

American Sailors Deal with Pirates
As reported on many media outlets, the crew of the American relief ship that was hijacked by Somali pirates has retaken the ship. Unfortunately, this retaking of the ship came after the pirates removed the captain from the ship and taken him to a currently unknown location. I find it very refreshing to see Americans standing up, even to a bunch of tin-hat pirates. God Bless the crew. God be with the Captain and we, along with most Americans, will pray for the safe return of the Captain and the continued safety of the rest of the crew.

What are we coming too...
NY transit workers manning a ticket booth witness a male chase down a female and rape her. The men in the booth refused to help her and the attacker proceeded to rape her, not once, but twice. He had that much time. She sues the transit agency to which a judge decides to throw the case out becuase he is afraid of what a jury would do. Thankfully for the victim, the engineer of an incoming train was not afraid to get involved and likely prevented a third attack.

The Second Amendment under Attack
Recent reports indicate that gun and ammo sales are up. As a matter of fact, the ammo sales have actually created a shortage of ammo. A 30% increase in ammo sales, along with the large amount of ammunition being shipped to Iraq and Afghanistan have led to a national shortage, creating a public safety concern. police firing ranges in America are running low and therefore police training and practice is suffering. Since November 5, ammo sales have risen 30% and gun sales have climbed drastically as well.
By the way, You pro-2nd'ers. Please tell your fellow man to not resort to drastic measures. The shooter in Philadelphia reportedly was afraid that Obama was planning to attack the 2nd Amendment. Shooting dead three police officers and wounding two more does not do our cause any good - only serious harm.