Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Frank Talk on Barney, Ford, GM and the G20 Summit.

Rep Barney Frank(D)Mass, has introduced a bill to regulate compensation. Folks, this reeks of communism. I suppose Obama will support this bill until the public outcry. When AIG decided to honor its contractual obligation and pay its bonuses, Congress decided to levy a 90% tax. A lot of Americans, though outraged at the bonuses in light of major financial mismanagement, was just as or more outraged at the 90% tax. Obama backed off on the 90% number and suggested the Senate take a more moderate approach.

President Obama is in the UK at the G20 Summit. Now that he does not have his teleprompter, it will be interesting to see how he bumbles and bobbles he way through. We can only hope he has decided to make up for his blunder with Prime Minister Gordon Brown and take him a better gift. His snafu with this issue and the First Ladies thoughtless Marine 1 models for the Brown's two boys are probably the most embarrasing with our time tested allies. The British were deeply offended and one British reporter called it "just short of an international incident."

GM and Ford have decided to jump on the bandwagon and offers its customers payment protection. If you lose your job, they will tote the note for you. This is nothing less than assisting Americans with buying the overpriced worthless machines. Cars cost today what decent housing cost just a few years ago. No new technology has been introduced to warrant these price increases. Make a V8 that gets 40 mpg in town and twice that on the highway and then we can talk. Until then Ford and GM, if you want to help the average American purchase your products, price them more in line with what you are offering. Todays cars should cost no more than $20,000 for the fully equipped. American cars are the only thing that costs tens of thousands of dollars and yet lose 45% of its value when you sign the title. Saturn is the exception. They hold a resale value and get this, Saturn actually makes a vehicle worth buying. They are solvent and not standing in the bailout line. Imagine that Ford and GM. Take a page out of the Saturn book.

Just another reminder about the Tea Party. Get those tea bags in the mail tomorrow to protest excessive pork barrel spending. Between the bailouts and pork projects, government spending is out of control and we are going to pay for it exponentially. Mail your tea bags to the White House and address it to Barak Obama.

Monday, March 30, 2009

GM, Copyrights and Tea Parties

Since when is is the job of the President of the United States of America to fire a CEO at a company not owned by the government? When did the President get more power to fire private sector employees when he still can't fire government employees? This reeks of communism plain and simple. The fact that the Republican Party is so quiet and non-chalant about it is VERY scary. Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and the like gave us this economy. Remember folks, the dems have had the house and senate for most of the Bush Admins term. The house and senate are more powerful than the POTUS. That is unless both houses are controlled by the same political party as the POTUS. Now, what we have here is power consolidation. The President decided that a guy that gave his life to a company must go. So he goes. And you want to know how he pulled it off? Money. GM would not get the bailout money. Without the money they would have to file for bankruptcy. After the news of the firing, it was later revealed that GM may indeed still need to file in 30 or 60 days. So this man was fired, the money was paid with the intent of avoiding bankruptcy and now bankruptcy is still looming in the offing. What a deal.

It has also since been revealed that Obama is seeking to modify the copyright laws. Not a bad thing to update laws every now and then, right? Well, that depends on the upgrade. Currently, under the laws as they are, business, artists and other complainants of infringement would have to have reasonable belief that an infringement occured. Under the new proposals, this would not be required. Merely stating an infringement occured is reasonable enough. What does this mean? That RIAA and other copyright enforcement groups can sieze and search your computers based on an unfounded complaint. They will be able to search your computer and look for ANY infringments whether it was part of the original complaint or not. They will have no time limits on how long they keep your computer or any other property. They can levy fines without a court order or trial, which is unconstitutional in this country. These proposed upgrades will nullify half the Amendments to the Constitution as it is currently written. Way to look out for the little guy Obama.

The recent careless and reckless spending of our tax dollars by both the Bush Admin and the current Obama Admin has sparked a grass roots campaign. All citizens tired of the way our money is being frivulously spent in Washington are encouraged to take a tea bag and mail it to the White House in protest. You can add a note or letter if you so desire. Also, Facebook groups are popping up representing like minded folks in almost every state. I would encourage you to join your group. Most are planning rallies on April 15th. Mail the tea bag and join the rallies. Just another fine example of grass roots peaceful protesting. I intend to mail my tea bag April 1st. With April 15th being the tax deadline, it is a good idea to get them in the mail early so most of them will arrive in DC on or before April 15th. God Bless America and God protect our rights and God bless each citizen for excersizing those very rights.