Sunday, November 23, 2008

Iran Economy Feeling Pain of Oil Drop

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmoudenijad declares that the current drop in oil is not hurting the Iranian economy. Fact is, it is hurting them. The Iranian President is playing it cool to keep his and Iran's enemies at bay. The absolute best time to take on your enemy is when they do not have the financial backing to support war. Iran needs the cost of oil to stay around $90 per barrel. Currently, it is $50 per barrel and the Iranian economy is likely feeling the pinch. Just a few months ago when oil hit $147, there was a lot of talk about the possible decline in oil. Iran said then that it would not be harmful to the economy as long as it stayed at $100 or more. Irans downplaying of the current oil price is evidence of either his smarts and not wanting to show his hand concerning the economy or he was lying then and lining his pockets with the excessive profits. Fact is, most Iranians are living in near poverty.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Palin comes under fire and all the other latest from my world

Sarah Palin to Blame?
Sarah Palin has come under fire recently for allegedly cost John McCain the election. Her reference to Africa as a country rather than continent and her lack of knowledge of signers of the North American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA) were just not serious enough to bring down The Mac. It is my opinion that Sarah Palin gave John McCain an advantage and gave him a lot of the votes he got. It makes no sense to bash her. The election was not lost by McCain, it was won by Obama.

Barack Obama to Review and Reverse Bush Executive Orders
Obama and his transition team are reviewing Bush's Executive Orders and are prioritizing which ones to reverse and when. They are consulting with Political Action Committees and Liberal Activists as to the preffered priority. One of the orders on the top of the list is Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Bush, using an Executive Order, banned federal funding for the research. So rather than raise money from the private sector, the researchers played politics and continued to bash the Bush Administration and its policies. The Executive Order does not ban private donations. It simply banned federal tax dollars from being spent on it. So now, by Executive Order, the Obama Administration will force the American taxpayer to fund a research program that many are against. Like most liberal initiatives, they can not find enough private dollars to fund the program, so they have to rely on the tax payers. Since most liberals are on the lower end of the tax brackets, they are just fine with spending the money as they contribute little or any money to it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nov 4 2008

I apologize to my many fans and friends for not posting lately. I have been following some other blogs getting as much information as I can on this election.

Obama's Grandmother Passed Away
First, I would like to offer Barack Obama my condolences on the passing of his maternal Grandmother. At 86 years of age, she lost her battle with cancer.

Lawsuit Questioning Obama's Elegibility
Secondly, I would like to comment on the Philip Berg matter. Mr Berg filed a lawsuit questioning the eligibility of Obama for President. If he is indeed not eligible, then we all should be concerned about the sudden dismissal of the case. Federal employees are subject to far more eligibility scrutiny than the Office of the President of the United States of America. Seems to me, this same concern and litmus test should apply. Putting your name on the ballot does not inherently grant you immunity.

An Obama Win Should Give the Republican Party A Wake Up Call
On this election day, Obama went in with the polls in his favor. I am not a pollwatcher and never gave these polls much credence or respect. If Obama wins, the Republican Party will have four years to get its act together. When Reagan first ran for President against Democrat Jimmy Carter, the party was still reeling from the centrist Nixon Presidency. Rife with scandal and shame, Nixon took a centrist view on most major issues. Carter and Ford were both party to a conversation where Nixon referred to Ronald Reagan as unpredictable and out of control. When Ford ran against Carter, he made several gaffs that proved he was out of touch and not the best candidate for President. Jimmy Carter won. Four years of watching our military get gutted, our ambassadors and embassy workers get taken hostage and long lines at the gas pump due to a failed national energy policy made America realize, we have no real President. Out of the West Coast rode Ronald Reagan. He brought in his brand of real, functional and highly effective conservatism. He won 49 out of 50 states, took the electoral college by storm and breezed into office in a landslide. He took on the Russians, the Iranians, the Libyans. He armed the Afghan freedom fighters and the routed Russia from their soil. He cut taxes and the federal budget. He strengthened the military by providing better training and materials. Four years later, he ran against Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro. Mondale's votes against every military initiative and project, against tax cuts and for tax hikes, against federal spending cuts and for major increases in spending provided Reagan with a re-election victory unprecedented by an incumbent.

The reason Reagan won election and re-election is simply because he was a true conservative that had no room for communism or socialism. No room to negotiate with the enemy. No desire to compromise on sound policy.

After Reagan came George H.W. Bush. Not a real conservative by any stretch. Due to Bush's lackluster performance, Bill Clinton won in 1992, taking office in Jan of 1993. After serving two terms, George W Bush ran for office. He brought some of the conservative charisma Reagan had. He made many of us think a little bit of Reagan was coming back.

What a SEVERE dissapointment that has been. Handling the tax issue and 9/11 well are his only shining, unblemished spots on his entire record. He expanded the Dept of Education with No Child Left Behind. He allowed tax loopholes that made it cheaper for corporations to outsource technology and other industry sectors overseas leaving many of our own friends and neighbors without work and retraining for new jobs. This lame duck, lackluster Presidency has paved the way for Barack Hussein Obama to become the USA's 44th President. His socialized healthcare and tax system initiatives will leave this country bankrupt. This election, if Obama wins, should serve as an indictment on the Republican Party and its abandonment of the Conservative principals that once served as its beacon, its platform and Reagan's primary agenda.

Maybe, I pray, that after four years of The Obama Administration, the Republican Party will return to its roots and bring back the Reagan Agenda.