Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obama supporters use government computers to access information on 'Joe the Plumber'.

Obama supporters use government computers to access information on 'Joe the Plumber'.

Obama and his cronies are trying so hard to get Republicans and certain voters discredited. If you ask a legitimate question, you will be torn apart by the Democratic candidate for dictator. Obama, the Democratic candidate for President of the United States, at this time, has not endorsed or requested a background check or any other action against Joe. It is also worthy to note that Obama, or any of his senior and most trusted advisers has not discouraged such actions either. It is also worthy to note that no leftist liberal that has questioned John McCain or protested at any of his rallies has been subjected to such scrutiny.
It is time that Barack Obama either condemns or stops condoning such underhanded political tactics.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

October 18, 2008

The New York Times
The New York Times has sunk to a new low. An article in the NYT brings up Cindy McCain's miscarriages and other irrelevant issues. The First Lady is a position of honor, not an official position. Whether she battled pain-killer addiction or suffered miscarriages has no bearing on the McCain-Palin Administration. Michelle Obama has not endured scrutiny of this nature whatsoever. The reporter for the Times emailed a friend of one of John and Cindy's 16 year old daughter to seek information.

Obama Sinks to a New Low
The Obama Camp has unleashed a new set of political ads. Within 24 hours of the debate, the Obama Camp released an ad that quoted John McCain in the same debate. The quote was, "I am no President Bush. If you wanted to run against President Bush, you should have ran four years ago." Obama's ad then went on to state that McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time. Fact is, McCain voted with his party only 86% of the time in the last four years. In that same time, Obama voted with his party 98% of the time. He is a partisan politician. He voted against the 2nd Amendment every time a gun bill came to the floor. He voted to raise taxes regardless of the economic group every single time. He voted against every bill concerning the military and defense. He boasts that he voted against Iraq War appropiations every time a new bill came up. He voted to keep abortion so accessible regardless of cause. He voted to keep parental notification out of the law. He doesn't even think that you, as a parent of a teenage daughter, has no right to know your daughter was even pregnant - much less has chosen to have an abortion. He sided with every liberal PAC that keeps parents out of decisions or notification of issues with education. He wants to take away your right to decide whether your child should have sex education in elementary school. He wants to make sure you don't even get notified that an outside 'professional' will come into the school and teach your children certain topics. Leaving the door open for a prostitute to teach your 4th grader sex ed. He thinks he knows better how to spend your money. He wants to take your hard earned money and provide cradle to grave entitlements to people that refuse to work. He wants to keep healthcare fully and wholly accessible to illegal aliens in this country when so many of our own, natural born citizens can't get into a doctors office. Over 40 million Americans have no health insurance. He wants to socialize the healthcare industry and make sure that when you truly need medical help, you will get a nice long line to stand in for hours on end. He wants to make sure that when you need critical diagnostic procedures, you will wait 6 months or more, possibly threatening your life.

This man is related to the Prime Minister of Kenya. A man that killed ruthlessly to get into power. He was imprisoned multiple times due to his murderous ways. Sounds a lot like Hitler and Hussien. Is this a guy you really want to be President and disarm you?

Get educated on the candidates. This really is an extremely important election.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Current Events 10/17/2008

The 'Joe The Plumber' Conspiracy
So Joe the Plumber's first name isn't Joe. And he has no Plumbers License. And he owes a whopping $1200 in STATE income taxes. The liberal bloggers and politicos are jumping on this like it was a political hot potato. Sadly, I don't care if his middle name is Joseph and he goes by the truncated version. I don't care that he works under his bosses license. Most tradesmen do unless they want to work independently and what's more, I have no interest in his affairs with his home state. It isn't even federal taxes that he owes. No one went to jail for owing $1200 in back taxes. The IRS doesn't even work the issue at such a paltry sum. Fact is, Joe represents a larger cross section of Americans than the Democrats want you to realize. They want you to think Joe is crooked and that Joe is not actually Joe. They want you to ignore Joe or right him off as a bigot or Republican Operative or Spy.

Obama Accuses the Republican Party of a Conspiracy
Barack Obama and Joe Biden have accused the Republican Party of a conspiracy. Obama has sent a letter to the Attorney General, Michael Mukasey, asking him to investigate, or appoint a special prosecuter to investogate whether or not John McCain and Sarah Palin are using the Voter Fraud situation to their advantage. Fact is, in 13 states across the US, ACORN Offices have been raided in connection with registration fraud allegations. The FBI are looking into whether or not the fraudulent registration are isolated incidents or a larger conspiracy. This is rather routine for the FBI when it comes to any criminal or fraudulent dealings that cross state lines. Most Americans are probably wondering why it took them so long to get started considering we are talking about 13 state lines and so many deceased people registering after they died. Ironically, many of them likely would have voted posthumously as well. Obama, the only one making this a political hot potato is you. You should have taught the liberal operatives of ACORN much better when you worked there. You should have taught them not to register Mickey Mouse. Mice can't vote in the USA.

Gas Prices Continue to Drop
Gas prices continue their downward trends. Analysts will tell you it is the economy, the financial markets crash, the cyclic trends or what ever else they can snowball you with. Fact is, the gas prices always tend to dip around election year. The closer to the election, the deeper the drop. Look at the data. We must demand that gas prices do not spike again. There is no need for it. Oil Companies deserve to make a profit. That is the American way. But for them to hide behind EPA regulations, Oil Importation, Speculators and all the other mumbo-jumbo they have been offering you as excuses all the while posting record profits, is nothing short of criminal. I hold that the high gas prices we saw just a few weeks ago when the cheap gas was $4.00 or more per gallon may have been a much larger catalyst for this recession than we all are being told. The Credit and Mortgage Industries have plenty of their own blame, but how many of us were at the point of literally trying to decide which bills had to wait just so we could put gas in the car to get back and forth to work? It was getting as bad as the seniors deciding which meds to not take just to make sure there was a little bit of food on the table.

AIG Comes Under Fire Again
The good folks at AIG has decided to take several post-bailout retreats and vacations. When corporations are asking the American taxpayer to bail them out of their own financial mess, we must require them to no longer fund expensive executive get-aways, we must ask them to send us on them. This is nothing short of a fleecing. I stand by my earlier assessments that the bailouts were not needed and still question their Constitutionality. I wonder why the US Supreme Court has not looked into the matter?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Current Events Oct 15, 2008

Current Events
Watching Bill O'Rielly on Fox News. He says McCain should stick with the political issues and leave the Ayers, ACORN and other issues of this nature alone. I say these are just as relevant and should be addressed. Obama dared McCain to bring them up. I think he believes the rhetoric that McCain is hurting in the polls due to "personal attacks" by McCain. McCain is barely behind the Radical Liberal. Republicans, at this stage of the election cycle, are usually behind. Just under three weeks until the election and if you look at all Republican Presidents, you will see that most were behind in the polls at this time. I say Obama is getting cocky and comfortable. Good. He may secure McCain's victory.

Obama's Cousin Murdered His Way to Prime Minister Office in Kenya
Another issue concerning Obama came to light today. Apparently, Barack is related to the current Prime Minister of Kenya. Reportedly, Obama donated substantial amounts of cash to get his distant cousin elected. A look at the cousins record shows he was educated in East Germany at a socialist camp. He was imprisoned several times for subverting his country and brought it to the brink of one of the worst cases of mass murder in African History. Now that he is in office in Kenya, he is strongly supporting Obama. I hold the position that if elected, Obama will hand the keys to the country to the Islamists and Kenya. Raila Odinga is a terrorist and mass murderer. If Obama believed in the ideals of American Values, he was send Spec-Ops to Kenya and the atom bomb to the Middle East.

Obama Will Abandon Isreal
For the first time in American History, Isreal will feel totally abandoned by the United States under an Obama Administration. A strong ally in the Middle East and the War on Terror, Isreal has been extremely helpful and loyal to the cause. We would never have the intel without Isreal that we currently have. Mossad is the expert on Middle East Intelligence. They have information our own CIA, Britain's MI5 and the former Russian KGB could never have gotten on their own. I would suggest that better than 90% of the information in the CIA's Middle East Databank came from Isreal and the other 10% has been vetted by Isreal.

The United States may Become a Police State under Obama
Barack Hussein Obama intends to eradicate the 2nd Amendment. Under an Obama Administration, private and lawful gun ownership will see threats far more intense than what we saw under the Clinton Administration. The best way to allow Middle East Terrorists to take over our country is to disarm the God-fearing, patriotic, America First Gunowners. A recent Supreme Court ruling on the gun ban in Washington DC will likely be grossly ignored. Before he is even in the office, Obama has threatened to dismantle the Constitution. By his own candidacy, he is in violation of the law. He is legally disqualified from running for President due to his citizenship issues.

The Third and Final Debate

The final debate is tonight, October 15th and 9:00 EST.

Barack Obama has many issues and agendas. These are not inline with the Constitution of the United States. John McCain needs to seize this last opportunity, in a public forum where Obama will not be allowed to ignore him, and bring these issues to light. He needs to make Obama answer to these issues or blatantly ignore them the way he has been already. Associations with organizations and individuals are extremely important. Your past can shed some light on your future. If Obama has distanced himself from these groups and people, this will be an opportunity for him to explain this. The fact that Obama is not answering to these is very telling to me. It makes me think he has not distanced himself and he still adheres to the beliefs they do and knows that most of the American voters will not like these associations and ideals.

The Issues:
  • William Ayers - A domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers has been linked to an organization that put pipe bombs on police cars. Prosecutors were unable to find a definitive link to press charges and now Mr Ayers is an Educational Lecturer, teaching your children and likely spreading his vitriol against America in his lectures.
  • ACORN - This organization has fraudently registered Mickey Mouse, among other non-existent individuals to vote. In Ohio, this organization allegedly purchased crack cocaine in order to get crackheads to register and vote. Obama was employed by ACORN as an attorney. This organization takes tax dollars to register voters and yet they concentrate their efforts to register likely Democrat voters. In order to receive federal funding, they are required to be non-partisan.
  • The 2nd Amendment - Obama has an extensive agenda to eradicate your 2nd Amendment rights. He will raise taxes on some ammo by 5000% and ban all the rest. He will take the original Clinton gun ban and take it to even more extremes. Even if you are not a gun owner, you need to understand how this is important to you nonetheless. Without the 2nd Amendment, the 1st Amendment and many of the others will be threatened. The gun amendment was placed as the second one, backing the first amendment for a reason. You can't selectively defend the Constitution. You must defend all or none. Without the second amendment, you are effectively giving up your right and ability to defend the rest.
  • The Economy - Obama's Economic Plan is nothing short of a wealth redistribution, another welfare program where the successful in this country are being punished for working and the lazy are being provided with a "cradle to grave" entitlement program.
  • Corporate Corruption - From yesterdays blog, you can see where I outlined my beliefs about the credit and mortgage markets. ACORN, an organization Obama was once employed by, used strongarm tactics to force banks and other lenders to provide home loans to certain individuals that were otherwise not qualified. This is a huge issue with the current economic crisis.
John McCain, this is a personal plea. Please do not allow Obama to get away with this. He needs to answer to these and many other issues and questionable associations. You will be asked similar questions and you should not be afraid to bring these out to the storefront window. Americans need to be well informed before making such an important decision as this. It is your mission, Senator McCain, to bring these up and provide Americans with all the opportunity to learn as much as they can about the "Darling of the Democrat Party".

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bush Revised the ESB

President Bush has outlined a new plan for the Economic Stimulus Bill. Rather than buy bad debt from banks and other lenders, the new version released October 13 says the federal government will purchase shares of stocks of the aforementioned lenders and institutes. Is this better? Either way, I think the ESB is a crime. But if we have to have it, then this is a "better" way. The lenders will still own the bad debt they sold to people that could not afford it, most of whom the lenders knew could not afford them. The better solution in my book still would be no help for the crooked schemers - at all. They designed these loans and schemes and now they should be required to live with their own creations.

Any bailout or relief packages should contain the following:
  • End Executive parachutes. Some executives being fired are still getting 40+ million dollars in bonus and severance plans. This is a travesty. Most hourly workers have no parachute or severance plan. When they get fired or laid off, they are out the door. Unfortunately, due to this mess the executives created, there will be lots of layoffs and firings and sadly, the suicide rate due to financial hardships have risen.
  • Require more investor "open door policies" so investors can see if the companies they own stock in are conducting themselves in a legal and fair manner.
  • Convene a bipartisan panel to review business ethics complaints and make suggestions or recommendations in accordance with law.
  • Prosecute more blatantly obvious violations of law and ethical standards.
  • End Predatory Lending practices such has home equity loans. People are being told they can take the equity plus an additional 25% over that out in a loan and use it for paying other bills and making home improvements or whatever else they want to do. Problem is, most people, with their current bills and income, would not qualify for the loan in the first place. Fact is, a large portion of foreclosures are on homes with more than one mortgage.
  • Put tighter restrictions on credit card companies. I am all for business. I am a conservative. But these guys are telling people they can increase their purchasing power by using credit cards. Fact is, a credit card is simply a loan. A loan you only apply for once but a loan nonetheless. You get a credit card, buy a new computer for $1000. Then you pay sales taxes and other small fees. By now, the total bill is $1250. Then you charged it to your Visa and add an additional 6% over the $1250. If you pay the bill off in one year, that computer will now cost you $1325. For most people, that is a small price to pay for the convenience. However, most people will not pay off that balance in one year and after the first year, that computer is outdated and needs to be replaced - therefore, you are still paying on one computer you do not even own anymore and the new one you just bought. See how the cycle can get out of hand? Credit cards are the same predatory lending that Fannie and Freddie are and should be subject to the same oversight and regulation, especially if they are getting my tax dollars. They are getting more value for my taxes than I am.
These are just a few recommendations. I don't want CEO's and other Executives to be scared to breath when conducting day to day business operations. Minor mistakes should not be prosecuted as a major crime. But I do want them know there will be consequences and repercussions for the type of activity that got us into this mess in the first place and prison is not out of the question. The world could use a faster and more efficient license plate manufacturing line.

2nd Amendment

Barack Obama has an agenda. He has decided that law-abiding citizens no longer have the right to keep and bear arms. This, Mr Obama, is the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution. That is the document you swore to uphold and defend when you were elected Senator and will also swear to defend if you are lucky enough to be selected as the President of the United States.
The very last sentence in the second amendment tells it all Mr Obama. "...shall not be infringed."

What does that mean, Barack? Study up.

Monday, October 13, 2008


We are now 22 days from the election. It is too late to register in most states. If it is not too late where you live, register now. Do not wait. Obama has a plan for America and McCain has his straight talk. It is time to make your final decisions. I would encourage all voters to get themselves educated. It is senseless to vote for someone without knowing all the facts. Obama is a leftist and has an agenda. McCain is a centrist and also has an agenda. Obama selected a running mate that is ideologically equal, McCain has selected a running mate that is ideologically for conservative. This election is historical and an extremely important one. There are too many issues and too many alternative solutions being thrown around. We need to sit down and read all the facts - All of them... and make an educated and well-thought decision. Do what is right. Educate yourself and get ready to head to the polls.