Saturday, July 30, 2011

Recently, Obama and a few of his democrat minions have evoked Reagan in their battle to raise the debt ceiling and taxes.

They played a quote of Reagan when he was raising taxes. What they fail to say is this was a compromise bill that raised taxes but was also, ironically, supposed to cut spending.

The Democrats reneged on that deal. They got their tax increases but they failed to cut spending.

What they also refuse to tell you is Reagan was deeply offended and swore of 'making deals with the devil' ever again.

Obama has tried to co-opt the Reagan and Lincoln Presidencies. Obama's policies are more in line with Carter, Stalin and Hitler. Study up on Keynesian economics. Reagan was against anything remotely close to Keynesian economics.

Reagan preferred low unemployment and moderate tax tables to high unemployment, soup kitchens and welfare paid for by economy crushing high taxes.

The more I study the Reagan Presidency, the more I am embarrassed at how we've fallen into a slippery slope of economic despair, welfare, high taxes, no innovation, no employment, a health care system that punishes doctors and hospitals for caring for the sick.

I fear we have let Reagan down.
We have let our future generations down.
We have taken a wrong turn on our rendezvous with destiny.
We have taken our "city on the hill" and turned it into a ghetto full of panhandlers and hustlers.
We have grown our government bigger than the USSR's Kremlin.
We are not the last great hope on earth. We are the worst case scenario of Orson Welles' 1984.
Animal Farm is alive and well in Washington DC.

How can we realign ourselves with the Reagan Revolution?
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