Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama bin Laden

In spite of Obama's best efforts, our nation has overcome the administrations tendency to discard leadership and our nation has once again led by killing Osama bin Laden. In spite of his lack of leadership, our military has never wavered in it's mission to protect this nation and make sure another 9/11 does not occur. Our military has shaken the chains and bonds forced upon it by an administration content with standing idly by and prematurely withdrawing from it's obligations to secure America by securing Afghanistan.

Our soldiers, held largely in contempt by this administration, deserves all the credit. No politician, President or Congressman, deserves the credit as much as our armed uniformed service members.

May God Bless America on this great and wonderful day. May God Bless our troops and keep the safe as they keep us safe and freedom shall never die, shall never surrender and shall never disappear from the face of this earth.

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