Monday, March 14, 2011

A Strange America

I'm not used to an America that sits on the sidelines and allows other countries to offer aid to freedom seeking citizens around the globe. America used to be the beacon of freedom, light of hope and land of prosperity. Now we owe China billions, have a consistently high unemployment for the last two years, have gas prices skyrocketing, food prices jumping up, wages staying the same or dripping, seen a death toll in the last two years exceed the previous eight, and a president that has played more golf than Jack Nicklaus ever hoped to.

Obama's America is one in which welfare recipients exceeds 40,000,000, unemployment is equal to 40% of the total economy, our health care system is being taken down a regressive road and called progressive, a food safety bill that benefits a single corporation and raise food prices, ends family farmers markets and give George Soros control of over 90% of our food sources.

Obama's initiatives have been endorsed by Cuba, China and Venezuela. And for good reason, his health care reform is modeled after the socialist systems of these countries.

He has raised taxes on the middle class, lowered them on the rich and eliminated them on his friends. His administration is stacked with people that owe millions to the IRS. This has become such a huge problem that a new law has recently been introduced to make ineligible any person for a cabinet position or other appointed position if they owe over a certain amount. This would have eliminated many czars and even the IRS Commissioner who failed to even file because he couldn't understand the tax code.

I'm not used to an America where the President plays golf while a very strong and valued ally is rocked by earthquakes, tsunamis, and forecasted death tolls of over 10,000 and nuclear disasters pending. His only action is to delay signing deals to build nuclear power here in the US until we see what happens in Japan.

Of course, this is from a man that thinks there are 57 states, referred to the US Marine Corp as Marines Corpse, gave the Queen of England a video iPod fully loaded with his videos of his speeches, returned the bust of Winston Churchill, a gift on loan from our strongest and best allies. And they dare made fun of George Bush's alleged lack of intelligence.

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