Monday, February 14, 2011

Leadership: Passing the Blame

On this weekends edition of Meet The Press, David Gregory tried his hand at asking the tough questions and showing complete disrespect to a duly elected conservative politician.

If only the Main Stream Media could ever take a hard stand against Obama and the liberal machine, they may garner some respect from the average American.

Case in point, the MSM is madly in love with Obamacare. Yet, the CBO has acknowledged that Obamacare will raise the national debt by billions and will cost thousands upon thousands of health care jobs.

But no one in MSM will take Obama, Pelosi and Reid to task on this. No one will challenge them.

Instead, John Boehner gets grilled by David Gregory on whether Boehner takes a stand against the doubts concerning Obama's religion and citizenship.

Obama himself could dispel these doubts but he refuses to do the simple things it takes to do so. Failing to have done so the last two years has shown an extreme lack of leadership and responsibility on Obamas part.

As for the doubts on his religion, the Bible says we will know a persons faith by his actions. Obama has shown a great deal of intolerance for Christians and have given radical islamists a pass. His embracing the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt even as they are currently killing Christians is deplorable and intolerable.

His lack of support for Southern Sudan's vote for independence his very telling, especially when we learn that Southern Sudan is predominately Christian.

Obama only has himself to blame for counters of his birth and faith. Talking heads like David Gregory are defending Obama without basis. There is no solid proof made available as to his place of birth. There is no evidence of his faith other that being a Muslim sympathizer at the very least. Mr. Gregory, if you want leadership on these two subjects, why don't you ask Obama to prove without a doubt his citizenship? Why don't you ask for a copy of the "Long Form" Birth Certificate? Why don't you ask him why he has attended a Christian Church service since Jeremiah Wright was his pastor? Why don't you ask him why all of his thesis and dissertation papers from his university days are scrubbed from the Internet and the only proof we Ben have he attended is other classmates? The leadership failure isn't House Speaker John Boehner's, it's President Barak Hussein Obama's failure.

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betty said...

President Teddy Roosevelt's motto was "Speak softly and carry a big stick." Name the President whose motto is "Jigaboo for Jihad and not Jesus!" (For a related web article that some have banned, Google "Obama Fulfilling the Bible.")