Monday, February 14, 2011

The Domestic Failures: A Brief Look

Obamas Idea of Success on the Domestic Front

• Obama's current 2012 budget proposal increases taxes for Americans.
• There are cuts to certain government programs like Pell Grants.
• There are major increases to others like entitlements, education and raising interest rates on student loans.
• Overall, Obama did not cut the federal budget like he promised at his recent State of the Union. Instead, he will add to the federal debt.
• The federal debt now equals the entire economy of the US.
• A report today shows that the costs of clothing will increase by 10%.
• Gasoline prices have risen to over $3.00 per gallon.
• Electric car owners are now being assessed a road tax because since they don't buy gas, they don't pay the $0.35 gas tax used by the federal government for distributions to states for highway grants.
• Unemployment is still over 9%.
• Obamacare deemed unconstitutional yet without filing appeals, he continues to force this illegal legislation down Americas throats.
• The Obama Administration has been found in contempt of court over his illegal banning of offshore drilling.
• He flies the Chinese Communist flag over the White House celebrating Mao's birthday and the Communist Revolution.
• He promises to tell Russia everything about Britain's nuclear program without clearing with Americas oldest and best ally in the world.
• He has failed on more trade agreements that he has signed.

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