Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Cure for Beiber Fever

I would never have thought I'd write a blog post with Justin Beiber's name in it. But he said something stupid that actually warrants it.

Asked if he'd ever consider becoming an American citizen, his response was, " You guys are evil!" He then went on to compare the American health care system to the Canadian health care.

He talked about his bodyguards wife going into labor early while in the US and is now upset that his bodyguard owes money. He said if they were in Canada that they could have stayed in the hospital for as long as needed and not owed a dime after leaving.

This claim needs to be tempered with the fact that in Canada, everyone pays for healthcare. Taxes are very high. Some as high as 85%. You also failed to take into account that quality of care is by far better here than in Canada.

Another factor is that most innovations and medicines in Canadian health care comes from the US developed on the back of each American patient that paid their bills and prescription costs because we don't get a discount. By law, an American drug company had to sell medicines at a large discount. So all the R&D costs are borne by American patients for the benefit of Canadian patients.

You depend on our "evil" health care system more than you realize, Beiber. Beiber fever has a cure and it's developed right here in American hospitals and laboratories.

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