Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Rush to Judgement

The DogWalksMan blog abhors the violent acts committed yesterday that left Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords critically wounded and six people dead, including a 9 year old girl and a federal judge.

DWM equally abhors the rhetoric and rush to judgement by left wing blogs and news agencies.

As much as these bloggers and news sources wanted to place blame on Sara Palin, the Tea Party as well as talk radio, the alleged gunman is actually a far left wing extremist with severe mental instability.

Last I heard, Mrs Palin is in Alaska and not in Arizona.

The Tea Party is not a political organization with a particular political ideology. It is a grassroots movement interested in returning the federal government to its Constitutional limits and believes these goals can be accomplish with debate and legislative actions.

Gabby Giffords is a moderate Democrat that espouses several beliefs and ideologies the Tea Party supports. Rep. Giffords would be considered a friend by the Tea Party in the Democratic Caucus.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Rep. Giffords, the families of the deceased and the recovering victims. It is our hope that justice is swift, firm and decisive in this matter.

Jared Lee Loughner may have had an accomplice and we also hope that if he did, that person will also be caught and stand for his role in this most heinous act.

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