Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HCR Puts Patients at Risk

In previous posts, I predicted the outcome of Obamacare. Sadly, too many came true.

Now I will explain just how this socialist, unconstitutional law is destroying your healthcare and putting your health at risk.

1. Reprocessing- certain supplies were meant to be used on a single patient and then disposed of in a manner to reduce exposure to the general public. For instance, in surgery we use devices called laparoscopic cannulas. These are used with a camera and instruments to perform surgeries like laparoscopic cholecystectomies (gall bladder removals) or appendectomies (removal of diseased appendix). In order to save money, companies are popping up that promises to take these used supplies and clean them for a third of the costs of the same product but new. How is this bad? What if the cannulas aren't properly re-processed and you as a patient gets a cannula used on a hepatitis or HIV/AIDS patient. Now you are at risk of hepatitis or aids. The cannulas are just one example. There are hundreds of medical items intended for single patient, single use that are being reprocessed and reused on more than one patient. This only happened in third world countries.

2. Health Care Providers- Hospitals either aren't hiring, or in the case of those that are, they are hiring less trained and qualified providers because they can pay them less. More doctors are coming from India, Pakistan, or some other third world country to practice medicine. Many pre-med students changed from medical school to just about any other profession. So to fill this vacuum, doctors are being recruited and offered H1B visas to practice medicine in the US.

3. Cutting Benefits- Hospitals are cutting benefits to their employees or forcing them to pay more out if pocket premiums to keep their current plans. These cuts are also met with higher deductibles so now we have health care providers that can't afford health care themselves.

4. Service Cuts- Hospitals are cutting services to eliminate those that do not provide reimbursement in favor of only those that do. This will eventually result in patients having to commute to find the rare MRI or get certain services that improves their quality of life.

It is with great pride I tell you that I am a health care worker. I really love what I do. I only take a paycheck because I have bills. Otherwise, I'd do it for free. I opposed HCR because I am afraid the high quality of care we provide everyday for our patients will no longer be possible. I know there were issues with the system but HCR went way too far and 'fixed' problems that did not exist. Forcing parents to carry their adult children on their insurance until the age of 26 regardless of whether they have a job with insurance or married or in the military is backward and costly. Forcing patients with FSA's to have a prescription for cold medicine before being able to buy OTC cold medicine with their FSA Debit Cards actually increases the costs of health care.

The House of Representatives just passed health care reform repeal. It is critical we expose what HCR is causing hospitals to do in order to cut costs to the senate. This has got to be repealed. It costs us jobs, quality of care and clean, sterile supplies. You are at risk. Hospitals are reprocessing supplies already. Patients are having items intended for single use recleaned and used on them today. Risks are already being taken with your health.

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