Wednesday, January 12, 2011

H. J. Res. 17

It is with absolute disgust that I write this blog post.

Rep. Serrano (D-NY) has introduced House Joint Resolution 17 for the purpose of amending the constitution to end Presidential term limits.

This is a blatant attempt to install Barack Obama into office for life. This is a Hugo Chavez style bill. Obama has already ruled by decree. This Resolution, should it pass, is the first step to a tyrannical government much like Chavez's Venezuela or Hitlers Germany.

This is a bill Joseph Stalin would be proud of. The next step is gulags and mass exterminations of peasants and undesirables.

This bill is designed to repeat a history not worthy of repetition.

I encourage you to contact your house and senate delegation and in words that cannot be mistaken for anything else, condemn this bill.

In other times, I would think this bill didn't have a chance. But in today's political climate, you just never know.

Do not take chances. Take action immediately. It was a lack of grassroots action that got us health care reform and a lack of it that almost cost us our Bush Tax Cut Extensions. Don't let this happen again.

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