Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wiki, Hillary, Obama and a few pardons

This week has seen interesting information from WikiLeaks. It revealed that Hillary Clinton asked or directed the US delegation to the UN to spy and report on other UN ambassadors and have our ambassadors spy abroad. People are in a tizy over this and some have called for Hillary to resign as Secretary of State.
I say stay right where you are, Hillary. If you don't think other nations don't have similar requests of their delegations, you're living in a dream world.

Obama's tax cut/increase bill failed. The democrats seem lost and surprised by this. Boehner and Company has made it clear we want the Bush Tax Cuts left intact. To get a handle on the nations debt and deficit, control spending and pass earmark reform legislation.

Rangel whines that he is actually going to have to deal with a consequence of his crooked ways. Not that it's a sizable consequence to say the least. A fine or even some jail time would have served the crime better. In another House corruption front, Maxine Waters' Trial has yet to start. New evidence sent her case file back to committee leaving speculation that her trial may not proceed. However, its since been found out the new evidence shows even more corruption on her part and the part of her Chief of Staff who also happens to be her grandson. The new evidence is related to her steering TARP funds to a bank that her husband has a sizable stake in. The TARP funds protected his investment and kept his $350,000 investment from becoming worthless.

Obama pardons nine people. Most have convictions relating to cocaine distribution. Is that how Obama fights the drug war? We have Mexican drug cartels killing US citizens at our borders and he pardons cocaine distributors. What a message to send our children and our neighbors South of the border.

The Senate passed 510, the Food Safety bill. Due to an error, the House will not take the bill up in the remaining lame duck, effectively killing this communist bill. This bill would have ended the roadside market, forced farmers to by its seeds from Monsanto which is backed by George Soros, it would have raised the costs of food production which raises food consumer prices and it would have enhanced the food crisis. Homegrown gardens would have been a memory. The Democratic controlled senate failed in their efforts to pay Soros back for his financial support to and other liberal PACS.

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Doug Fletcher said...


Enjoyed perusing your site. I'm going to link your page on my blog, called "Let's Make Obama Resign." You might find it interesting.


Doug Fletcher
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