Sunday, December 12, 2010

Is Liberalism a Mental Disease?

I have reached a conclusion. First, my disclaimer. I am not, nor gave I consulted with mental health professionals, behavior analysts or any other medical professional.

The conclusions I've reached and about to detail are from my personal observations.

I have concluded that many on the left are infected with a condition in which they have unrealistic and undeserving grandiose outlook concerning themselves.

Case 1: Barack Obama gives the queen of England an iPod loaded with Obama's speeches. Why does he think the Queen is even interested in his desire to bring socialism to the land of the free.

Case 2: John Kerry made political issues out of President Bush's supposed lack of intelligence. Bush and Kerry both attended Yale. According to public records, President Bush enjoyed higher grades and higher GPA than Kerry.

Case 3: Al Gore famously excoriated Bush for his supposed lack of intelligence. Ironically, Bush's GPA at Yale also beat Gore's GPA at Harvard.

Case 4: I watched a documentary on the Chilean revolution. It was about a socialist writer and he missed no opportunities to praise himself. Even going so far as to say that a fellow revolutionary who was shot by a sniper died just so he could have a blanket to keep warm at night. He felt "history" kept him alive for some great unknown reason.

I, therefore, conclude that liberal thought is a mental disease and a mental health professional should develop a therapy regimen to cure them of their self serving, grandiose view of themselves.

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