Thursday, November 25, 2010

Oklahoma Islam

Oklahoma is in a court battle. On Nov. 2nd, the electorate voted on several state questions.

SQ755 dealt with courts using Sharia or International Law when ruling on cases. The liberal elitists tried to paint Oklahoma as paranoid and dismiss the question. Out of all ballots cast, 70% voted in favor of the question.

A Muslim activist from Georgia promptly boarded a flight, no doubt bypassing the enhanced pat downs, and flew to Oklahoma City to wage a court fight against certifying and implementation of 755.

Part of his argument is there are no plans to bring Sharia Code into our courts. If that's the case, then why are they concerned about 755. It doesn't discriminate against Islam.

I am surprised the secular-progressives are not embracing the law as another means of strengthening separation of church and state. Their hypocritical stand against the Christian church and embracing of the Islamic mosque is ironic considering Islam subjugates women, denies others the rights to believe as they prefer, has some of the harshest punishments for minor offenses, will deny women the right to vote, work, or even date whom she pleases. If an Islamic takeover of this country should take place, the S-P's will be the ones punished the most. They are proving themselves to be the same 'useful idiots' to the Muslims today as they were to the USSR in the 1980's.

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