Monday, November 8, 2010

Obama's Denial

Obama is still in denial. He still says it's not his policies that cost his party a tremendous amount of power.

The fact is, it's not his ability to sell, it's what he was selling.

Americans only thought they wanted change. They realized Obama didn't read them the fine print.

With an administration and czar list full of admitted communists and socialists, Americans realized just exactly what makes him tick. What exactly it is that he was hoping and changing.

An incredible growth in government, an overhaul of a system that only needed a few fixes but instead got socialized, a financial reform package authored by the same crooks that wrote the financial bills that created this mess in the first place and successfully managed to place the blame on George Bush. A record 46,000,000 Americans collecting welfare, an increase in unemployment, a President that relies on the TelePrompter more than any President in American history. The list goes on.

Nit the sells skills, he sold America on this agenda two years ago. It's the product. People are seeing what the fine print was all about.

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