Thursday, November 4, 2010

John Boehner

Representative Boehner;

First, I want to ask that you not cooperate with President Obama. I don't mean the mean-spirited kind. I mean to not cooperate with him in allowing him to continue to send this country on a fast track to socialism.

I would like to encourage you to remain steadfast on the repeal of health care reform. I would rather see it wholly and completely repealed and then start the work of finding sensible solutions to real issues. Not radical solutions to non-issues.

I realize the federal government doesn't create or destroy jobs. I also realize the government, through its tax and other regulatory policies creates an environment conducive for job growth or decline. The typical conservative policy is conducive for growth. I hope with this new voice we conservatives now have, we can steer the countries policies to the more conducive environment.

An extension of the Bush 2001 & 2003 tax cuts are a great start. But I think we should go farther. We should reduce taxes further for all income brackets. We should balance the budget and settle the national debt. I realize this is a lofty goal and one that may not be fully achieved in the next two years but getting on this road will show the American people we are serious and deserving of reelection and even deserving the White House and Senate.

I also hope we can tackle border security. Americans are now being slaughter on our own soil by Mexican drug lords. We should consider sending the US Military to protect our borders. We will send our troops to Iraq and Afghanistan to free a people not wanting freedom yet our own citizens are living in fear in our own country.

We also need to tackle immigration reform and deport ALL illegal immigrants. Illegals are committing crimes and getting away with it. The fact that they are here illegally is a crime, hence the ILLEGAL alien status.

Welfare reform should be tackled, too. This is one way to help the budget goals. The welfare rolls are overcrowded. If we deport all the illegal aliens and end welfare except for the handicapped, it will be American hands picking fruit and manicuring the golf courses. We have made it too easy for Americans to lay on the couch all day and collect a check and have this "need" of illegal aliens to do the jobs Americans don't want to do. When they can't collect that welfare check, they will be picking the fruit and digging the ditches.

I realize I am not a voter in your district, but as the Speaker-elect, you carry a responsibility and power that does affect me.

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