Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christian Church and Cultural

The planners of the Islamic Cultural Center and Mosque near Ground Zero have petitioned for a grant of $5 million dollars.

The grant is out of a $20 million dollar economic revitalization fund set aside after the 9/11 Terror Attacks.

The muslim planners somehow feel entitled to a grant that was needed after 19 muslims decided they would fly airplanes into the World Trade Centers.

I can't help but think of this grant as a Jizyah. . This is a 'tax' that muslims charge non-muslims for the right to exist. This isn't a tax, it's more of an extortion.

The mob charges businesses a fee to not be bothered. They call this protection money. This protection money only lasts until the mafia decides they need more. The Jizyah only lasts until the islamists decides they need more. It's more of a way to control non-believers economically and keep them in submission.

Ironically, Al-Qaeda recently stated their intentions to harm the US economically.

As a counter, I would like a Muslim country to pay me a grant equivalent to $5,000,000 to build a Christian Church and Cultural Center in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Opposition to this is religious intolerance and is wrong.

I think they could show the world a new side if they also provided a grant of equal value to build a Jewish Synagogue and Cultural Center to be built right next door to the Christian Center.

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