Thursday, October 28, 2010

Voter Fraud and Other Issues


Obama and company are interested in getting votes. They aren't really all that concerned where they get them from or how.

Early ballots have been pre-marked for certain underdog liberal candidates. SEIU members are contracted to maintain voter machines. Guess who benefits from the fraud...
Want to do your part and report voter fraud? Download the app from your smart-phones app depository called "voterfraud" and use it to report fraud in your area.


Obama goes on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He tries to convey his message in a serious atmosphere because, afterall, most liberals take the issues very seriously. The flaws? Jon Stewarts show is a comedy spoof and liberals are too busy listening to Lil Wayne and Lady Gaga to watch Obama on a real issues-oriented discussion program.

Jon, in his trademark style made Obama look like an imbecile and idiot. Obama lost control rather early and struggled to regain it and never really did. In a disrespectful liberal manner, Stewart at one point refers to the President as "Dude". I may not agree with Obama and even have some issues with his legitimacy as President. But in no way should the holder of the most esteemed office in the land be referred to as "Dude".


Sharon Angle is still ahead of Harry Reid and early voting does not dispute that. However, the margin is slim. It could be an upset not in our favor. Campaigners and bloggers need to keep getting the TEA Party backed candidates message out there.


Unbeknownst to most Americans, there are two black republican candidates running in toss up campaigns. One is in Colorado and the other in Florida. I encourage voters in these states and respective districts to study them. The mainstream media is not happy that there are two black republicans. So much so that tonight is the first I've heard of them. Giving them press coverage now would seriously undermine the democrats stranglehold on the black vote. Obama is counting on the black vote to re-elect him in two more years.

Don't let news of the projected republican sweep cause complacency. The liberal media is conspiring to make us dormant and sweep us out of the process even further. Keep blogging and campaigning. Too much depends on it. Let's send the democrats the message that no more government intrusion is best for us all. Let's send a similar message to the republicans that we are watching them and if they fail us, we will fire them and keep looking for candidates that will put the people's agenda first.

•Reduce Debt
•Reduce Income Taxes
•Reduce Government
•Reduce Health Care Reform
•Reduce All Socialistic Laws and Influence
•Grow Domestic Employment
•Grow the Economy
•Protect the Borders
•Protect Domestic Jobs

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