Friday, October 15, 2010

Obama "Don't take anything for granted."

How's this for irony. Barack Obama tells Delaware voters to not take anything for granted.

Now he tells democrat voters this. He refused to tell the liberal ideologues this when he ran on an alleged message of hope and change.

Voters were supposed to take his hope and change message for granted. Now, even among democrats, there is a mood of buyers remorse. Is it any wonder why?

He failed on so many campaign promises. Here's a short list just in case you needed to be reminded.

•Transparency - Obama promised the most transparent administration is history. He said the health care debates would broadcast on CSPAN. Didn't happen. Instead back-room dirty deals were the order of the day.

•Taxes - Obama claims to have lowered taxes. He hasn't. As a matter of fact, he is allowing one of the most effective tax cuts in history to expire effectively raising taxes. Especially on some of the lower earners. The only reason Obama wouldn't want to extend those tax cuts is because it would be the same as admitting Bush was right. He has spent two years blaming Bush for everything including his own lackluster performance.

Open Door - Obama, as an extension to his promise of transparency, promised media access at an unprecedented level. In fact, at every turn, Obama had excused the media from almost all events where he was giving speeches. The media had to rely on Spokesman Robert Gibbs for information. Gibbs has had the unique and unprecedented role as media gatekeeper where previous spokespersons were just that, spokespersons.

Political Cooperation - Obama campaigned that he would be a uniter, work in a bipartisan manner. What Obama meant was republicans would be expected to shift to the left if they wanted to be included. When most republicans refused to shift their ideology, Obama cut them completely out of the loop and Obama, Pelosi and Reid went on a mudslinging campaign against the republicans calling them then party of no.

Obama's policies and broken campaign promises have given birth to the grassroots political movement known as the TEA Party. The movement was able to resonate with most Americans and this has brought down the wrath of Pelosi and Obama.

They took time away from attacking republicans to attack the TEA Party as AstroTurf and plant media stories filled with largely unproven accusations of racism and carrying swastika flags.

This was a vain attempt to prevent minorities, especially Black and Jewish voters from aligning with the TEA Party.

This November 2 will determine just how successful they will be. TEA Party back candidates have done well in the primaries much to the chagrin of the democrat party and in some cases, the republican party.

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