Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Next Republican Agenda

The GOP is poised to make gains in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.
According to the latest polls, Republicans have a great opportunity to repeat the 1994 Republican Revolution.

This can be a good thing if they get to the right agenda. This is what I think the Republican party needs to do if they take the majority.

• Immediately start removing the bad sections from the health care reform. It would be naive of us to think there were no need for reform. I, and most republican voters I know feel the current reform went way too far.

• Extension of the Bush Tax cuts.
• End TARP and all other pork bills under the guise of economic stimulus.
• Protect the borders. The Falcon Lake incident and all the US Citizens that have been murdered by illegals have necessitated sealing the borders. Al Qaeda could very well be sending operatives across the Mexican border as I type.
• Rebuild NASA. Using Russian space vehicles and none of our own has effectively outsourced our space exploration program to a country that has cut safety in the interest of cost savings. Our astronauts are in danger.
• Overhaul the tax code. The income tax, sales tax and property taxes are choking US Citizens. With all the taxes Americans are paying, there should not be a deficit. When the current director of the IRS can't understand the code and fails to pay his taxes, how can the average American be expected to understand the tax code and pay their taxes?
• Balance the Budget. With all the aforementioned taxes, there shouldn't a deficit. American families are expected to live within their means, why not the federal budget? Cut the useless and unconstitutional programs that are draining the taxpayers and get back to the business of providing for the common defense and general welfare of the states. Stop the specific welfare of folks that refuse to work.
• Support Obama's plan to end the tax credit that businesses get for using foreign labor and shipping jobs overseas. If Americans can't work, no matter how high taxes are, the federal budget will have less and less income and more and more outflow. This is an area where republicans have failed in the past. America should never make it easier for companies to make more money by not using American labor. Indian and Pakistani citizens do not pay taxes to the IRS.

President Reagan set the bar high. But it isn't unachievable. It just takes true conservatism. One that makes certain all Americans are equal in the eyes of the law. One that understands the constitution and gets us back to it.

This list is short and not complete. These are the things I see the Republican Party needs to get started on to ensure it conveys tongue American people that the Republicans can be trusted to function in the best interest of the country - not big business or special interests.

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