Friday, October 22, 2010

The Islamic Double Standard

NPR is expressing concern and regret for firing Juan Williams during fundraising week. Juan Williams expressed his concern and apprehension he feels when he sees someone in Muslim garb on an airplane.

I, too, will admit that I am nervous when I see someone that adheres to a religion that sends their sons to die for there cause anywhere in public.

There are too many cell phone videos from middle eastern caves citing islam and getting backing from clerics within Islam after a terror attack for us to not be nervous.

Admittedly, I also feel a twinge of fear when I see someone that appears Muslim carrying a backpack.

When these cave dwelling brainwashed despots shout "Allah hu Akbar", it's no wonder Juan, myself and many millions of Americans often experience fear and apprehension when we see Muslims on planes, trains and packing bags.

Ironically, it's their purpose when they launch a terror attack to cause fear, panic and rash decision making.

When we seem to do just that, they cry foul.

They have no problem calling Christians, Jews and people of other religions and creeds infidels, but they can't fathom the dreadful idea that they are looked upon with a suspicious eye and rational Americans are concerned when seeing them in places of transportation or any other where a large number of otherwise distracted Americans are located.

Muslims, you have to understand why Christians and Jews are content with keeping a safe distance from you. Your terror attacks are designed to create…terror. When this happens, where do you get off trying to position yourself as a victim?!? How can you strap bombs to yourself and blow up innocent civilians and somehow feel you can leverage yourselves as misunderstood and discriminated against? It's funny how no Christians were involved in hijacking those planes and flying them into the World Trade Center buildings. I do not believe Christians or Jews are involved in strapping bombs and blowing up civilians in Israeli shopping centers. No Christians were involved in the attacks in Spain and Great Britain.

You guys really need to realize that the governments of the western world are not tied to religion. They are secular. In America, religion isn't a test to qualify or disqualify a candidate for public office. Get over yourselves. You choose to blow shit up with bombs strapped on your asses, then we will keep a suspicious eye on you.

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