Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DogWalksMan Returns

I am back. The DogWalksMan Blog, after an extended hiatus has returned.

I am sorry for my unexpected and extended departure from the political blogging community but that is now over.

I finally found CellSpin for the iPhone and got it working and connected to all my blogs.

My return to blogosphere is precipitated by the first two years of the Obama administration. I decided that through it's excessive and incompetence, I must return and support my fellow conservative bloggers with exposing this incredibly lackadaisical administration and challenge on the front lines of the political landscape, right here at the grassroots of it all.

I hope my current subscribers will be pleased with the candor and yet the bold and fresh challenge to the status quo of ineptitude. I promise you. You won't be disappointed. Stay tuned.

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