Friday, August 21, 2009

Obama's Approval Ratings..and why

Obama's popularity ratings are dropping. His approvals ratings are dropping and now his Presidential Approval Rating Index on Rasmussen is a -8. On 1/21, his index was +28. In this short amount of time, he dropped 36 index points. Visit this link to see the trends.

From inauguration, his overall approval went from 65% to 47% today. In this short time, 7 months, he went from a majority of Americans approving of him to a majority disapproving of him. His intense focus on health care, his attempts to rush it through without most members of Congress, himself and the American public knowing just what it is that he was pushing and his waffling on certain aspects or "little slivers" of this catastrophe added to the fact that his unemployment has continued to rise despite his economic recovery package have taken a toll. Unemployment is 9.4% and expected to rise. In Feb, he claimed that without the package, it would rise, but with it, it would get no higher than 8%. When Americans are out of a job and they see Obama still trading like mad with despots in China, Venezuela and other socialist nations, they tend to get a little mad at the guy. Add all of that to the fact that he still has not produced the long form birth certificate, his age on Myspace and on his White House web site bio do not match(they are off by 4 years) and his repeatedly ignoring the issue, simply wishing it away may also have a bearing on his numbers. Americans, regardless of political affiliation, do not like being lied to and they will take a stand when they are convinced this has happened.

Prove your birthplace and date, back off this socialist hell hole and do things that really will stimulate the economy like cutting taxes across the board and maybe, just maybe your approval ratings and index will turn back around.

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Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

What you should be talking about, smelly BO, is how you're gonna explain to God Almighty about your juggernaut of worthless abortions when you perish. Alas, few make Heaven in this age of superlative deceit. Hopefully, you, too - I'm having a beer Upstairs withem. Won't you join U.S. in celebrating our eternity? God bless.