Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More About The Health Care Bill

Barack Obama is again, reeling on the public backlash from this failed health care bill. On one hand, he says he wants to pass this socialist bill with bi-partisan support. Yet, within his administration, they are preparing to "go it alone" and instead, concentrate on swaying the Blue Dog Democrats and pass this bill with or without the Republicans.

The last President we had that had a "go it alone" attitude was heavily criticized by the liberal left. This Admin is adopting the same attitude and the media seems to be in favor of it.

Fox News had some Indian leaders on the Glenn Beck Show. They were comparing their federal health care system to the current bill. The Indians are treated worse that animals. I know of animal hospitals and veterinarians offices that have been shut down due to the standards there and yet these people, the Native Americans are being being treated worse and nothing is being done.

The Federal Government mandates their treatment but provides no money for it. They are not on Medicare/Medicaid. They are not provided health insurance at their or government expense. They are told to go to the ER and hope for good treatment.

This is the same bill they are trying to put on us.

One example of free market health care and public option is this. The five year survivability rate for prostate cancer:
United States....................100% (Free Market)
Canada............................95% (Universal Health Care)
United Kingdom....................77% (Universal Health Care)

A simple cancer such as prostate cancer actually has a mortality rate in Canada and Great Britain, yet here in these United States, it is wholly and completely survivable. This is just one example. I will be bringing more.

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