Friday, April 10, 2009

The Economy, Transparency and Gun Control

Banks are getting ready for something called a stress test. The Treasury Dept has asked banks to keep mum on the results. There's that transparency Obama talked about on the campaign trail.

Obama said today that there are signs pointing toward the positive on the economy. Cautioning that there is still more work to do, Barak Obama is refering to improved unemployment figures and and trade numbers. In this sensitive and excessively over-reactive market, Obama is keeping is not offering much in the way of details on the next steps the administration intends to make next. He refuses to declare the reccession has bottomed out. Barney Frank and his ilk have no reservations blaming this economy on George Bush. Bush is out of office. Barney Frank, when will your slobber-talking maniacal mouth get a clue and decide that for the good of the country, you will start taking responsibility for your own actions?

In an Op-Ed, Timothy Egan has decided to use the recent spate of violence to attack the 2nd Amendment. The New York Times peice discusses nursing homes, schools and just about anywhere a police officer stands as the "killing grounds" making one wonder if he is trying to equate this with "The Killing Feilds", the chronicles of the Cambodian turmoil of the late 70's where millions of Cambodians were slaughtered. Although this violence is alarming, comparing it to the Khmer Rouge campaign of mass murder is a bit psychotic. The Clinton Era gun bans did not work. Gun crimes in Washington DC, Los Angeles and other high crime cities either held the same or increased. Fact is, the guns banned were not the typical weapons of choice for tin-hat criminals. Timothy Egan, a personal note from me to you, The 2nd Amendment says in it self, that it shall not be infringed. The Founding Fathers knew of the importance of the 2nd. You readily write your Op-Ed under the guise of the 1st Amendment. Do you ever wonder why the 2nd Amendment follows the 1st? Do you think it is simply coincidence? I think not. I think the Founders knew the only way the First Amendment would protected is to immediately follow it up with the Second. You have the right to say anything you want to say because people like me own guns and are willing to do whatever it takes to defend the First and all the other Amendments. On that note, glad you wrote your peice. Everytime you gun-controlists spew your uneducated and unresearched diatribes, it makes people think and now we have a 30% increase in ammunitions sales and gun sales are also up. Not bad in a reccession. Maybe we are in one due to people buying guns and bullets instead of plasma tv's. Obama would rather gun buyers spend their money on electric cars rather than SKS's. The best way, Obama, to prevent such a run on guns is to STOP TRYING TO BAN THEM!!!

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