Sunday, November 9, 2008

Palin comes under fire and all the other latest from my world

Sarah Palin to Blame?
Sarah Palin has come under fire recently for allegedly cost John McCain the election. Her reference to Africa as a country rather than continent and her lack of knowledge of signers of the North American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA) were just not serious enough to bring down The Mac. It is my opinion that Sarah Palin gave John McCain an advantage and gave him a lot of the votes he got. It makes no sense to bash her. The election was not lost by McCain, it was won by Obama.

Barack Obama to Review and Reverse Bush Executive Orders
Obama and his transition team are reviewing Bush's Executive Orders and are prioritizing which ones to reverse and when. They are consulting with Political Action Committees and Liberal Activists as to the preffered priority. One of the orders on the top of the list is Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Bush, using an Executive Order, banned federal funding for the research. So rather than raise money from the private sector, the researchers played politics and continued to bash the Bush Administration and its policies. The Executive Order does not ban private donations. It simply banned federal tax dollars from being spent on it. So now, by Executive Order, the Obama Administration will force the American taxpayer to fund a research program that many are against. Like most liberal initiatives, they can not find enough private dollars to fund the program, so they have to rely on the tax payers. Since most liberals are on the lower end of the tax brackets, they are just fine with spending the money as they contribute little or any money to it.

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