Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Third and Final Debate

The final debate is tonight, October 15th and 9:00 EST.

Barack Obama has many issues and agendas. These are not inline with the Constitution of the United States. John McCain needs to seize this last opportunity, in a public forum where Obama will not be allowed to ignore him, and bring these issues to light. He needs to make Obama answer to these issues or blatantly ignore them the way he has been already. Associations with organizations and individuals are extremely important. Your past can shed some light on your future. If Obama has distanced himself from these groups and people, this will be an opportunity for him to explain this. The fact that Obama is not answering to these is very telling to me. It makes me think he has not distanced himself and he still adheres to the beliefs they do and knows that most of the American voters will not like these associations and ideals.

The Issues:
  • William Ayers - A domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers has been linked to an organization that put pipe bombs on police cars. Prosecutors were unable to find a definitive link to press charges and now Mr Ayers is an Educational Lecturer, teaching your children and likely spreading his vitriol against America in his lectures.
  • ACORN - This organization has fraudently registered Mickey Mouse, among other non-existent individuals to vote. In Ohio, this organization allegedly purchased crack cocaine in order to get crackheads to register and vote. Obama was employed by ACORN as an attorney. This organization takes tax dollars to register voters and yet they concentrate their efforts to register likely Democrat voters. In order to receive federal funding, they are required to be non-partisan.
  • The 2nd Amendment - Obama has an extensive agenda to eradicate your 2nd Amendment rights. He will raise taxes on some ammo by 5000% and ban all the rest. He will take the original Clinton gun ban and take it to even more extremes. Even if you are not a gun owner, you need to understand how this is important to you nonetheless. Without the 2nd Amendment, the 1st Amendment and many of the others will be threatened. The gun amendment was placed as the second one, backing the first amendment for a reason. You can't selectively defend the Constitution. You must defend all or none. Without the second amendment, you are effectively giving up your right and ability to defend the rest.
  • The Economy - Obama's Economic Plan is nothing short of a wealth redistribution, another welfare program where the successful in this country are being punished for working and the lazy are being provided with a "cradle to grave" entitlement program.
  • Corporate Corruption - From yesterdays blog, you can see where I outlined my beliefs about the credit and mortgage markets. ACORN, an organization Obama was once employed by, used strongarm tactics to force banks and other lenders to provide home loans to certain individuals that were otherwise not qualified. This is a huge issue with the current economic crisis.
John McCain, this is a personal plea. Please do not allow Obama to get away with this. He needs to answer to these and many other issues and questionable associations. You will be asked similar questions and you should not be afraid to bring these out to the storefront window. Americans need to be well informed before making such an important decision as this. It is your mission, Senator McCain, to bring these up and provide Americans with all the opportunity to learn as much as they can about the "Darling of the Democrat Party".

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