Friday, October 17, 2008

Current Events 10/17/2008

The 'Joe The Plumber' Conspiracy
So Joe the Plumber's first name isn't Joe. And he has no Plumbers License. And he owes a whopping $1200 in STATE income taxes. The liberal bloggers and politicos are jumping on this like it was a political hot potato. Sadly, I don't care if his middle name is Joseph and he goes by the truncated version. I don't care that he works under his bosses license. Most tradesmen do unless they want to work independently and what's more, I have no interest in his affairs with his home state. It isn't even federal taxes that he owes. No one went to jail for owing $1200 in back taxes. The IRS doesn't even work the issue at such a paltry sum. Fact is, Joe represents a larger cross section of Americans than the Democrats want you to realize. They want you to think Joe is crooked and that Joe is not actually Joe. They want you to ignore Joe or right him off as a bigot or Republican Operative or Spy.

Obama Accuses the Republican Party of a Conspiracy
Barack Obama and Joe Biden have accused the Republican Party of a conspiracy. Obama has sent a letter to the Attorney General, Michael Mukasey, asking him to investigate, or appoint a special prosecuter to investogate whether or not John McCain and Sarah Palin are using the Voter Fraud situation to their advantage. Fact is, in 13 states across the US, ACORN Offices have been raided in connection with registration fraud allegations. The FBI are looking into whether or not the fraudulent registration are isolated incidents or a larger conspiracy. This is rather routine for the FBI when it comes to any criminal or fraudulent dealings that cross state lines. Most Americans are probably wondering why it took them so long to get started considering we are talking about 13 state lines and so many deceased people registering after they died. Ironically, many of them likely would have voted posthumously as well. Obama, the only one making this a political hot potato is you. You should have taught the liberal operatives of ACORN much better when you worked there. You should have taught them not to register Mickey Mouse. Mice can't vote in the USA.

Gas Prices Continue to Drop
Gas prices continue their downward trends. Analysts will tell you it is the economy, the financial markets crash, the cyclic trends or what ever else they can snowball you with. Fact is, the gas prices always tend to dip around election year. The closer to the election, the deeper the drop. Look at the data. We must demand that gas prices do not spike again. There is no need for it. Oil Companies deserve to make a profit. That is the American way. But for them to hide behind EPA regulations, Oil Importation, Speculators and all the other mumbo-jumbo they have been offering you as excuses all the while posting record profits, is nothing short of criminal. I hold that the high gas prices we saw just a few weeks ago when the cheap gas was $4.00 or more per gallon may have been a much larger catalyst for this recession than we all are being told. The Credit and Mortgage Industries have plenty of their own blame, but how many of us were at the point of literally trying to decide which bills had to wait just so we could put gas in the car to get back and forth to work? It was getting as bad as the seniors deciding which meds to not take just to make sure there was a little bit of food on the table.

AIG Comes Under Fire Again
The good folks at AIG has decided to take several post-bailout retreats and vacations. When corporations are asking the American taxpayer to bail them out of their own financial mess, we must require them to no longer fund expensive executive get-aways, we must ask them to send us on them. This is nothing short of a fleecing. I stand by my earlier assessments that the bailouts were not needed and still question their Constitutionality. I wonder why the US Supreme Court has not looked into the matter?

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