Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who Will McCain Pick?

The process for selecting your running mate could be the one thing that ends your bid or maintains your string contender status. John McCain has that very task at hand. In most people's minds, Barack Obama may have made a significant tactical error in selecting Joe Biden as his running mate. He failed to realize the weight this VP would carry. This same nominee that claims John McCain as a friend. One that all but endorses McCain as President. Now he has to find reason to not allow McCain to win. With all the quotes available to the media of Biden praising McCain, Biden will have a tough sell ahead of him. McCain can capitalize on this obvious error. He can and should select a running mate that will help balance McCain, one that will not be a position of uselessness, but one that will take on tough causes and make tough decisions and will have an active role in day to day government business.
McCain's pick should be able to understand:
  • The US economy and maintain its competitiveness on the global scale
  • Homeland Security - After 8 years, Bin Laden is still on the loose. Even when and if he is caught, there will be another threat. Iraq has taken too much focus away from Afghanistan.
  • National Defense - Clinton's gutting of the military is still being felt, even though Bush has restored defense spending, the setbacks of Clinton are far-reaching.
  • The Environment - even though the leftist global warming has a hard time holding up to scientific confirmation, we need to be good stewards of nature and the earth. It is, afterall, the only one we have.
  • One that can keep McCain in good standing with fiscal and domestic conservatives. McCain has never been the darling of the conservative party. He needs that balance. He reaches over the party line more than enough, he needs a running mate that can and will show him the value of conservative positions on the issues.
Now I ask, who among the possible candidates and choices can fit that bill?

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